Tips to Help You Stay Active Within the New Zealand Workplace


Many of us here in New Zealand go to work every single day and we just spend our time sitting behind a desk and not moving at all throughout the day. Not only is this really bad for our back and posture but it doesn’t help our fitness levels at all. It’s important to keep yourself healthy both physically and mentally while spending 8 hours or more in the workplace. Employers are now realising that they need to provide comfort for employees if they want them to be more productive and more effective.

tips to help you stay active within the new zealand workplace

This is why many are investing in sit stand desks that allow their employees to be at their best throughout the working day. There are times when sitting is the best choice when thinking or when working on the computer but at other times, we can think better when we are standing. This is one way to keep yourself more active within the workplace and the following are just some others.

– Try taking the stairs – If your office is on the second floor or higher then you need to get into the habit of starting to use the stairs instead of getting into the lift all the time. We are all getting fatter every single day and our fitness levels are suffering as a direct result. Start burning off some calories and doing what you can to reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

– Organise standing meetings – If you are the manager or supervisor then you might want to think about organising meetings where everyone stands. It makes sense that if you would invest in sit-stand desks then you would also encourage staff to stretch their legs and hold a meeting for about 15 minutes or so.

– Wear comfortable work clothes – You can still be smart and yet casual in the workplace and so spend your money on clothing and footwear that allows you to be able to move easily around the workplace but that is also incredibly comfortable when walking as well. Try to pick material that breathes naturally and this will help to keep you cooler.

Be sure to step away from your desk for a few moments every day just to stretch and if you can set the alarm on your smartphone every 30 minutes then this will help to remind you to get up.


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