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We all know that ludo is the most well-known board game in India. Thus, it shouldn’t be an enormous surprise that online ludo, the game’s digital version, is one of the country’s fastest-growing and most well-liked multiplayer games. It can also give Call of Duty and PUBG Mobile a run for their money in terms of the player base, and the popularity of online ludo is growing exponentially since no one does not know how to play ludo with tricks.

The game has only grown in popularity as a method to pass the time while staying connected to friends and family in the current environment when we practice social distancing and see lockdowns worldwide. Following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the appeal of online ludo began to spread among gamers. Many people from all over the world gathered to play online ludo through a new ludo-earning app.

The Best Ludo Earning App to Get Money: –

You can play games on ludo-earning applications while earning real money from users worldwide. The best aspect about ludo is that you may play it with your loved ones. Here are some new ludo-earning apps you should know about: –

1. Ludo Empire

One of the top Ludo earning apps in India, Ludo Empire, offers fantastic opportunities to win actual cash prizes. According to several users’ reviews, the app is free of all bugs. The gamers can set up their personal space and participate in competitions to increase their winnings. Additionally, the website provides an Rs. 10 enrollment incentive. You can also earn more cash prizes by referring your friends to the app.

2. Mobile Premier League

Immediately after joining and beginning to play games on this app, you will receive INR 50 signup bonuses. You can also participate in competitions through this site. If you have a new referral, MPL will additionally give you a registration bonus of Rs. 75. A minimal withdrawal amount of Rs. 20 per day is allowed on the app, which has an easy-to-use UI.

3. GameZy

Play fantasy games like ludo, rummy, and many others on this site. Furthermore, there is a chance to win cash when playing games on GameZy. Users who provide a referral code additionally receive a massive Rs. 100 signup incentive. Play against up to three other gamers via the app. Besides that, you can take part in Ludo competitions.

4. Playerzpot

Play the online multiplayer game ludo on PlayerzPot. The best ludo-earning app where you to enjoy cash prizes through simple steps. Your pals can install PlayerzPot App on their devices. After they’ve finished registering, you can enjoy playing your favorite Ludo game online. You’ll need to learn the fundamentals before you can begin your quest. Usually, two to four players seated close to one another will play the game. Four tokens in each player’s home square are of a similar color.

After rolling the dice, the player moves their tokens to the finish line across the board. Each player receives one of their chosen colors when playing Ludo on PlayerzPot, which can accommodate two to four people (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue).

How Can you Win Real Cash Playing Online Ludo on PlayerzPot?

Every time one of their referrals participates in a pot, PlayerzPot deposits 2% Real Cash to the referrer’s Deposit wallet. It gets added to the PlayerzPot Deposit Wallet when the match is over. You will not get the Real Cash if the game is called off, abandoned, or is a cancelled Pot. Only those who join using winnings or a deposit will be eligible for real money. This offer’s Real Cash (in Deposit) is valid for 14 days after being offered to users. If not used during the validity period, the money will expire. Your referral earnings are limited to Rs. 1500 per referral. For users, no friend would give them extra money if they have already received more than Rs. 1500 from them. However, you must know how to play ludo online adequately to win the game and real cash subsequently.


Since then, the game has undergone many modifications and alterations, becoming the modern version of “Ludo.” With players online swarming to try their hands on this game and earn the title of King of Ludo by defeating their opponents, the board game has grown into a global craze through the new ludo-earning app. Due to ludo’s growing online popularity, more players are joining in and seeking out ludo apps to pass the time. Make sure everyone who wants to play the game has downloaded it from the appropriate shop on their phone before you and your pals start playing. Because of its high rating and simplicity, the game is enjoyable and played by players of all ages.


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