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Rory John Gates is the lone son of well recognized world’s richest man, American Conglomerate, Microsoft developer and Philanthropist Bill Gates and his wife Melinda Gates. Owing to the reason that he is the Son of richest men of the Universe everyone is keen to know about the lifestyle of Rory John Gates. Nowadays people are really inquisitive to get job in such a reputed brand that is Microsoft or want to feel connected to things related to Microsoft like getting certification of Microsoft AZ-104 VCE and others. People from across the world want to get every minor detail about his professional as well as personal life. The way he live, place of his birth, where he live, his education, hobbies and body appearance, net worth everything falls under the curiosity of people.

Rory John Gates

Biography of Rory John Gates

Rory John Gates is the second child of well known Microsoft owner and businessmen Bill Gates and Melinda gates. Talking about his sibling he has an elder sister named Jennifer Catherine Gates and younger sister named Phoebe Adele Gates as well. He is the most introvert person who refrains from living a life like that of a celebrity inspite being the son of richest dad. Rory gates lives in a luxury Mansion named Xanadu 2.0 which is worth of $123 Million USD. The mansion is owned by his father Bill gates having all modern facilities like automatic temperature testing, multiple kitchens in the house and all other luxury amenities. Rory gates mother was also working in Microsoft earlier but then she left her career for the sake of giving best values to her children by making them realize about the importance of charity and money in life. That is the reason why entire family of Bill gates is active in doing charity for needy people across the globe.


He was born to his parents on 23rd of May 1999 in Seattle, Washington, USA and complete his 20 years of age in 2020. So we cannot consider Rory gates teenager anymore after last year by the time he turns 20. He is three years younger to his elder sister Jennifer Catherine and three years elder to his younger sister Phoebe Adele Gates.

Height, Weight and Appearance of Rory Gates

Rory John gates have an average height of 5”5 with that of his body weight of 52 kg. His eyes are brown in colour and belong to white ethnicity of USA along with brown to grey hair.

Rory John Gates Family


Well Rory John Gates completed his basic education from Lakeside school before joining the higher education. Apart from his basic education in the school Rory John Gates also holding some important degrees from couple of reputed Universities. Talking about the Rory John Gates College he enrolled himself in Duke University for degrees in Economics and Computer science. Further he took admission in Fuqua School of business to bag down MBA degree. So he is not like other rich children who drop out their studies just for the sake of joining their own family business. The importance and value of education is equally important for the Rory gates and that is why he is alumni of two renowned Universities.

Net Worth, Job and Salary of Rory Gates

Almost each one of us is well aware of the Net worth of Bill gates as he is the richest person on earth. But people are also curious to know about the net worth of Rory John Gates who is the only son of Bill gates. His net worth is the centre of curiosity for people because they want to know that whether he is also as rich as his father or not. The Rory John gates net worth counts for $20 Million USD which is a massive amount that many dreams for in their life. Talking about his professional career he is not working till the time but the rumours are hot that soon he will join his father in the business.

Rory John Gates’ Instagram Account

Rory’s family values always teach him about not seeking media attention and he knows very well how to keep these values alive. The entire Gates family is not limelight seeker and so is the case with Rory gates as well. The John gates is not an extrovert person and thus stay away from social media and any public attention. He is not having any Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and other social media account so far. There are only few pictures of Rory gates on Instagram which are uploaded by his mother from her account. So yes you cannot trace his personal life from Instagram as of now owing to the lack of Rory John Gates’ Instagram account.

Girlfriend, Marriage, Hobbies, Mobile Phone of Rory Gates

Everyone is eager to know about the lucky lady who will become the better half of the son of one of the richest person in world. Many others are inquisitive to know about whether the Rory gates is bachelor or married. Well there is no evidence of his marriage in the air so far and neither he is vocal about his romantic relationship to any girl till date. He is very secretive about his personal and professional life and that is why nothing much is known about his hobbies to the world as well. The only open secret about his hobby is that he loves writing and wrote a short poem named what known as Diamante when he was just 10 years old. There is an interesting fact about Rory gates that he got his first mobile phone by the time he turns into 13 years.

Inquisitive Facts about Rory John Gates

  1. He is very secretive about his personal life and never been vocal about his relationship and career goals.
  2. Rory showed his interest in writing at the age of 10 by writing a poem.
  3. He got his first mobile phone when he became a teenager despite being the son of richest father.
  4. Rory gates also involve in charity like his parents and donate a lot of money from his personal account.
  5. He lives in one of the most expensive mansion on earth Xanadu 2.0 bought by his father Bill Gates.


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