How to Market for a Charity for Free


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Just like any other type of organization, a charity needs to be marketed for as it will ensure that you continue to attract new donations, important partnerships, and a relevance that can help you to continue your good work out in the world. However, when you are running a charity, this may mean that you do not have a huge budget to work with. Bearing this in mind, the following blog post is going to be all about marketing for a charity without spending a penny.

How to Market for a Charity for Free

Use Social Media

First and foremost, you have all of the social media channels that can be taken advantage of. When you are looking to implement a digital strategy, it is certainly important that you take this seriously as an initial starting point. You should bear in mind that not every single social media channel is going to be useful. Not only this, but you also need to have a clear content schedule planned out as this is going to help significantly when it comes to always having something to say for your charity. You should also be in the habit of measuring the levels of engagement that you are receiving along the way, as well as trying to create a two-way dialogue with potential donors rather than everything working in a single direction.

Email Campaigns

While email marketing is one of the earliest and original forms of gaining a digital footprint, this does not mean that it is simply irrelevant and should be ignored. In fact, contrary to this thought, you can actually gain a huge amount of traction by getting in touch with people via email rather than any other medium. People are likely to respond as long as they are interested in what you are telling them, which is why it is the perfect place to promote your offers and discount codes. Of course, you do not want to get to the stage that you are bombarding them with so much that they simply become disinterested and switch off altogether. You should also use compelling imagery and subject lines that are likely to get the level of clicks that you are looking to achieve.


While we are still in the early days of influencers, there is no doubt that they have taken the digital world by storm and can really attract a great deal of time and attention. Also, since you are running a charity, it is more likely the case that you are going to be able to get them involved without an upfront cost, either from the kindness of someone’s heart as yours in a cause they believe in or to benefit their reputation.


The final free way of promoting your business that is going to be discussed is the art of blogging, which works well on a couple of different fronts. First of all, it gives you something that you can constantly share on social media, and it is also useful for SEO too as search engines rank websites higher if they are constantly creating new content.

So this is how you can advertise charities and that is too for free of cost. You can advertise all sort of charities through these methods without costing a single cent. For example charities related to health, education, orphan children and Why not checkout charities like the database from Water Colour World which is serving for a very noble cause. You need not to let the people consume this idea that you are spending their hard earned money on marketing their charities so always try to rely on free platforms for promoting any charity if you really hope for good funds keeps flowing to you.


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