Top 5 Tips For Reducing Plastic Waste


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Looking for some simple ways to help clean the environment and protect the Earth?

Why not start by eliminating single use plastics from your life.

One Bondi Rubbish Removal expert has told us that cutting down on plastic waste is one of the most responsible actions each one of us can take to help solve the tremendous problem which plastic pollution is causing to our world.

Top 5 Tips For Reducing Plastic Waste

And speaking about the plastic problem, as many of you already know, the biggest issue with plastic is that it never disappears. It just breaks into smaller and smaller particles that are impossible to get rid of, impacting oceans, wildlife and our health.

Single use plastics are easily avoidable by the majority of people.

That’s why, if you are really committed to reducing plastic use, here are five simple but highly impactful suggestions you can start implementing in your life right now.

1. Switch To Reusable Bags

Huge contributors to global litter, single use plastic bags are suffocating the planet and intoxicating all living beings. With their production and usage finally getting banned in most countries, what better time to switch to reusable bags then now!

Useful for more than carrying groceries, a good quality organic cotton tote bag can be your best companion throughout the entire day. From carrying your laptop to transporting your toiletries or beach towels, there are many awesome uses for your organic cotton bag.

And if you decide to make the switch from single use plastic bags don’t forget about the produce bags too!

These little bags are huge enemies of the environment and although they look harmless, they are some of the worst pollutants to look out for.

2. Stop Using Plastic Straws

Cutting plastic straws out of your life should be quite easy since the majority of us don’t really need them.

But if you’re one of those people who cannot even imagine drinking their Daiquiri without sipping it through a plastic straw, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to enjoy your drinks.

Made from silicon, glass, bamboo or metal, these sustainable straws are not only durable and safe but they also look cool and trendy.

3. Drop The Plastic Bottle

If you are a regular buyer of plastic bottles you are not only contributing to environmental hazard but you are also ingesting all the chemicals and microplastics that were used to produce the bottles.

What can replace them?

Glass or stainless steel reusable mugs are some perfect alternatives you can use to reduce your carbon footprint and hey,
… live longer!

And by installing a water filter in your home, you can safely use tap water to fill up your reusable recipients. That’s not only the most economical but also the healthiest method to keep up with your eight glasses of water/day recommendation.

4. Avoid Buying Clothes Made From Plastic Fibers

Synthetic fibers used by the clothing industry are a major source of microplastic pollution.

Materials like polyester, nylon or acrylic shed tiny bits of plastic everytime they are washed which end up in the oceans, killing marine life at a shocking rate.

The solution?

Try to invest in natural materials like wool, silk or organic cotton. Garments made from these fibers will not only look better and last longer, but will also feel more comfortable to wear.

5. Say Bye-Bye To Plastic Cutlery

Yes, yes..we know that this is a tough one. Plastic cutlery is so convenient when you’re having lunch on the go or enjoying a picnic in the park.

But at what cost?

Billions of forks, knives and spoons are thrown away each year, becoming some of the items most deadly for birds and mammals.

If each one of us would start considering the use of sustainable alternatives like bringing our own cutlery or using biodegradable ones, the effects on our planet’s health would be massive.

Hoping that these steps are inspiring enough for you to consider adopting in your daily life, we wish you a great plastic free journey and hope to see you here again for some more awesome tips like these!


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