Top 8 Fish Dishes Found at Any Bong Event


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The best way of getting hold of Bong food, is to visit Kolkata and get the most extravagant food cuines found out here. Bengali and fish are just the best combination. The catering services near me, happen to be having the following dishes in their menu cards, irrespective of what kind of event it is. The menu changes and alters, with the following foods and dishes.

Top 8 Fish Dishes Found at Any Bong Event

1. Doi Katla

Katla is a popular mundane fish in Kolkata, which is cooked and marinated with onion barista and fresh yougurt. The best doi Katla, is typically served with steamed rice by the catering services near me, typically around a bong lunch and Annaprashan or Rice ceremony as well.

2. Roi Macher kalia

Roi is a very sweet tasting fish, which is turned into a wonderful kailia or spicy curry with hung curd, and other other spices. The most prominent spice in this dish has to be the typical red chillies, and obviously “kashmiri Red Chilli” powder. The catering services near me, often incorporate this dish at any bengali brunch menu, as it is a delight for spice lovers.

3. Bhapa ilish

The ilish fish is just the most delicious combination. This is Hilsa in English, and it is just the most wonderful fish that can be cooked in any particular way and manner. When you cook it with mustard and garlic paste and wrap it with a banana leaf, it becomes this wonderful Bhapa Ilish.

4. Tel Koi

Roasted and baked with mustard oil. Few people say that this fish doesn’t die even after being taken out of water, and even survives after it is cut into pieces. Funny right? But the fish only dies after being cooked and deep fried in oil and spices.

5. Chingri Macher Malai Kari

The Shrimp, Monster Prawn, Lobster, or tiny Prawns are cooked in this manner. The fish is cooked with a drip of coconut malai, and has a wonderful taste of sweetness and home. A perfect combination served by a plate of basanti Pulao, or even good old steamed rice. This is a perfect dish served by the catering services near me, who choose a high end plate.

6. Pabda Posto

Panda is a highly aristocratic fish for Bengalis. If you’re planning to serve a wonderful fish, that too on a budget, then this is just the one for you. I’m not saying that ‘pabda’ is a really cheap fish, but is a wonderful fish dish to be served by any particular rice item. The catering services near me, often treat it like a princess dish and nevertheless, it is one.

7. Chital Macher Muitha

Muitha is somewhat a kofta or pakora, which is commonly found in the eastern zones of India. The combination is this fish, is often served alongside the common combinations of foods and other dals. This is cooked dry, and the gravy is often less than quantity, or very thick.

8. Baked Bhetki

Bhetki is a wonderful fish, and it is a delicious combination for a little starter. Yes, another Bhetki dish, which is smoked and baked with mayonnaise and cheese.The entire dish is dry, but extremely moist and mouth watering. It is a perfect delight for someone who chooses a fish, in the most continental style. It is not really french, but the sauce that is cooked in is known as the mother sauce from France.

To be nothing can be better, when you’ve so many fish dishes. The catering services near me do not fail to incorporate any kind of Indianised and local recipes into the plates. They’ve their unique way of making a meal worth remembering.


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