Top Five Must-Have Products for the DIY Mechanic


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Any mechanic knows that without the right tools, no work can be carried out. And for the DIY mechanic there can be nothing more satisfying than changing the oil and replacing the filters of their own cars.

Top Five Must-Have Products for the DIY Mechanic

But what if you decide to take on a little more challenging project for your vehicle? Here you will find a list of the top must-have products that any DIY mechanic should have in his toolkit.

Impact wrench

Wrenches come in handy even at the most challenging times when fixing a car, but manual wrenches sometimes just don’t make the cut. There are some parts that may just be too stubborn to move, which is where battery-powered and air-powered impact wrenches come in.

They can loosen even the most resistant parts and, usually, a one-half-inch drive size is sufficient to tackle most jobs.

Hydraulic trolley jack

This product can be considered a cornerstone in any garage – whether it’s a home one or a professional one. A trolley jack is a device that fits under your car and uses a hydraulic-powered pump system to lift your vehicle. This allows you to complete a wide range of tasks from changing the brake pads to replacing a tire.

Trolley jacks come in different sizes so knowing which type has enough power to lift your car is essential. But because a jacked vehicle will only be lifted from one corner, you will only need a trolley jack with a lifting capacity of around three-quarters of your vehicle’s total weight.

OBDII code reader

There is nothing worse than when the dreaded check engine light comes on. And instead of searching for hours trying to find the root of the problem, or spending a fortune for your local garage to run a test, a simple tool can help.

An OBDII code reader plugs into your car’s onboard diagnostic port and runs a diagnostic test to tell you what is wrong. It tells you exactly what the problem is on a small screen that’s about the size of your smartphone, so you can get to fixing it straight away.


Most home garages and working spaces have poor lighting conditions, which can make completing projects tough as it’s hard to see what you’re doing. But a flashlight can help solve this issue.

This accessory may not seem specific to a mechanic, but we think it’s still a top accessory to have. It can help you to see the underside of a vehicle and you can even get strong magnets to hold it in place, freeing both of your hands whilst you work.

As an extra little bonus, it can also always come in handy if the power goes out in your home.

Tap and die set

This toolset enables you to repair internal and external threads, for example on nuts and bolts. This may not be one of the most used sets within your garage, however when they become invaluable when you do need to use them.

A tap is a threaded tool that cuts or forms threads in the female portion of a mating pair; whereas a die creates threads on a rod’s surface to create a screw or bolt. Both a tap and a die create new threads or repair damaged threads which makes them a must-have product for any DIY mechanic.


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