Top Must-Know Baking Trends in 2021


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Looking to spazz up your cafe menu with popular and trending baked goods? Add some flavour to your usual baked bread and pastries? Why not work with the top baking trends of 2021? In this blog, we’ll cover the must-know baking trends of 2021 so that you can spruce up your baking game!

Top Must-Know Baking Trends in 2021

Flour Experimentation

Flour is one of the key ingredients when it comes to baking – hence any changes to the usual are usually noticed immediately. If you are looking to bake something completely new in texture and flavour, don’t be shy to experiment with the flour!

There are many new flours popping up in the market today, such as buckwheat, spelt, coconut, tigernut, teff and even banana flour! If you’re an experimental baker and know a couple of adventurous eaters, it’s time to bake a couple of batches of cookies with all these different flours!

Keeping Things Easy To Eat

Perhaps due to the fact that many people are stuck at home in quarantine life, baked goods have transitioned from fancy platings to simple displays and convenient sizes. For example, cup cakes are now preferred in mugs, and instead of multiple dessert platings, people now prefer one-bowl-wonders.

Keeping things simple and easy to eat (and also make) is trending in the baking world now, and who knows, perhaps we’ll be eating our breads and pastries straight out of their baking trays soon!

Fermentation Can Never Go Wrong

Fermented foods have long been a staple part of food culture in many countries – however never really made their way into baked goods. Now in 2021, this is set to change with fermented foods like kimchi and kefir making their way into the bakery world. This trend is coupled with rising global concerns of gut health and wellness, as well as the importance of probiotics in diet.

Sour dough, apple cider and kefir in particular are becoming popular fermented ingredients to use in baking. Feel free to experiment with other fermented flavours as well to make brand new breads and pastries!

Dark Desserts Are The Way To Go

Similar to fashion trends, black is the new go-to colour in desserts. Adding a little char to baked goods is becoming well appreciated, especially with sweet baked goods and desserts. The faint taste of burnt and bitter caramelised sugar couples well with sweet natural flavours from fruits.

Dark chocolate is also becoming a popular ingredient in many desserts. Sweet bread and pastries now include dark chocolate as a subtly sweet alternative and similarly, many cakes are also covered with dark chocolate layers. Dark chocolate is complementary to almost any dough foundation so be sure to add in your next baking venture!

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