Top Tips for Tackling Allergies


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Whether you suffer from hay fever are allergic to certain animals, foods, or other irritants in your environment, allergies can be very irritating and uncomfortable. If you have more severe allergies, they can also pose big health risks and even fatalities in the worst-case scenarios.

Top Tips for Tackling Allergies

Hopefully, your allergies will be milder and only cause slight discomfort, but even then, they can ruin your day if you’re having a flare-up. If you are sick of your allergies taking over, here are some tips to help you tackle them more effectively.

Take Anti-histamines and Decongestants

Anti-histamine medication and decongestants can help to soothe the symptoms of your allergies. If you are affected by seasonal allergies, they are particularly useful, and you should have these medications in your bag with you when you go out during these peak times of the year. You might find them useful to use at night as well, particularly the decongestants, as they can help you get a better night’s sleep when your allergies are flaring up. If you are struggling with your allergies and these medications don’t appear to be helping as much anymore, you can look at alternative treatments such as ozone therapy, which has helped some allergy sufferers. Speak to clinics like this one that offers ozone therapy in New York City to find out more about this treatment and how it can help you with your allergies.

Wash Your Clothes

Another way to help keep your allergies under control is washing your clothes regularly. This is something you might do anyway, but if you are someone who tends to leave the laundry pile untouched for a few days until it piles up, you might want to think again. The reason for this is that allergens can make their way onto your clothes, especially if you have been in an environment where they are more prevalent. For example, walking through a field or park, being in a place where animals are, or even using household cleaning products that irritate your allergies. Washing your clothes can help to reduce the allergens that may have been transferred onto them, therefore, helping your feel more comfortable.

Wear a Mask

While you might be fed up with wearing a mask after the last couple of years, if you do have allergies, this could be another way to help ease your discomfort. This is more important for those who might have severer allergies and will need to take more extreme precautions, but even those with milder conditions can benefit from this. It might be better in areas with more pollution such as cities, or if you are walking through the countryside in the summer and are irritated by pollen.

Avoid Opening Windows

In the summertime, you might be tempted to throw the windows open and let in the fresh air. While doing this can help your home to smell fresher and improve overall ventilation, there can be drawbacks to doing this is if you are an allergy sufferer. Allergens can enter your home when you have the windows open and cause a reaction that can make you feel uncomfortable. It can also be harder to get these allergens out of your home once they are in, so it is better to avoid having your windows open where possible.

If you are dealing with allergies that are driving you crazy, consider the above tips and see if they can help you tackle them more effectively.


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