Products that Help with Immediate Pain Relief


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Here are a few interesting products that have been introduced to the public as a possible method of quick and effective pain relief.

Acupressure Electronic Pen

Acupuncture has long been an effective form of Eastern medicine, helping many people conquer various issues, including chronic pain issues, with the expertly placed stimulation of a very thin needle into key areas in the body. A new product has become available for home use that is touted to mimic the effects of acupuncture with a hand-held electronic pen.

Products that Help with Immediate Pain Relief

The primary issue with the home acupuncture pen is that it does not come with the training and expertise of an acupuncture practitioner. Unfortunately, in the US and Latin America, finding local acupuncturists might not be possible in a lot of areas that aren’t in a metropolitan area. This pen seems to be a possible solution for those who want to seek out acupuncture for help, but are in an area lacking in Eastern medicine practitioners.

The pen comes with a highly abridged guide to acquaint the user with some basic theories of acupuncture. The cordless, rechargeable pen is said to automatically locate key points where a very small electronic current needs to be applied. This is a needleless system that comes with three probe types for the face, the body, and an extra small probe for the ears and the skull.

Some pens come with conductive jelly that is fortified with Aloe, while others suggest the buyer purchase aloe gel to increase the potency of the electrical conduction, for optimal results. These pens, of course, have never been thoroughly studied by any medical professionals. If you can find a reputable acupuncturist, that is a much more tried and true effective therapy for chronic pain.

CBD Topicals

CBD relief cream has been getting a lot of press in the past few years in the US. The recent discovery that CBD (cannabidiol) interacts with pain receptors and may provide pain relief, both with oral dosing, and with topical application, is full of promising hope for many who suffer on a daily basis.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has gained traction as a complementary remedy for a wide variety of health issues, many that are hard to treat: various levels of relief have been reported by people suffering from bouts of anxiety, seizure disorders, and difficult pain issues — both chronic and acute.

A huge variety of CBD products have sprung up to accommodate a public that is desperate for a non-narcotic answer to pain and anxiety issues, and CBD remedies have been formulated into oils, lotions, tinctures, balms, pills, and candy, and interestingly enough, all of these forms of CBD have provided relief to at least a small percentage of the people who try them.

The legality of the products is variable. Products with less than 0.3% THC are legal under federal law in the US, but some states may still prohibit their sale. Always check local laws on CBD products if you plan to have them on your person.

Cold Laser Red Light Pain Relief Therapy

There has been a reasonable amount of positive feedback from people using both low-intensity red laser lights and infrared lights as a treatment for inflammatory issues in the past few decades. The effects of both of these types of light on human subjects have been shown to provide increased circulation, as well as a reduction in inflammation of tissues. This leads to varying levels of relief of pain as well as increased healing.

Portable red laser lights and infrared LED lights are becoming popular home therapies for chronic pain issues. It should be noted that laser lights are incredibly dangerous for human and animal eyes, and protective eyewear should always be worn if laser light is being used in the room, at the risk of blindness.

Arnica Topical Gel

Arnica is a European mountain flower that has long been used as a remedy for bruises, pain, and inflammation. The use of arnica-infused lotions and gels has become popular by fans of the herb, who claim that it helps not only bruises from injuries but inflammatory pain of all sorts. Arnica can also be taken as a dietary supplement. Studies have shown that arnica has had a positive effect on the healing of tissues after plastic surgery, as well as other post-operative pain and swelling.


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