What Can’t Your Local Movers Move?


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Many people assume they can hire local movers to come over on a moving day and load all the contents of their garage, then transport it over to their new home. However, that simply isn’t the truth. Federal transportation guidelines govern your local mover that mandate certain materials that can’t be moved without a hazardous material certification. What can’t your local mover transport to your new home?

What Cant Your Local Movers Move

Lawn Equipment and Motorcycles

Gas is highly flammable, and a dangerous liquid to transport. Even if you have emptied the gas tank of motorized equipment or lawn equipment, residual gas fumes and vapors can cause it to be unstable to transport. This also means items including gas grills, propane tanks, and paint or paint thinner are unable to be transported by your local movers.

No Living Items

Your local movers can’t transport anything living, which includes plant life. No houseplants, or any other potted plant can be transported. This also means your moving company can’t transport your pets with your belongings, so you’ll need to make room in the family sedan for Fido.

Food And Drink

Your local movers can’t haul any of the contents of your refrigerator or pantry. It doesn’t matter if it has never been opened, or if the contents are nearly finished, it is prohibited. You’ll need to pack your food items to carry in the family car.

Money, Jewelry, Heirlooms

Your local movers are prohibited from transporting cash in any amount. They also can’t move your jewelry, heirlooms, or collections, including stamp collections, coin collections, and card collections. These items will need to ride along with you instead.

Therapeutic drugs and medicines

If you are hiring local movers to shift your home to another place then you need to keep this very clear in your mind that they cannot shift your Therapeutic drugs and medicines. There are many moving and packaging firms which hire professionals for moving every type of stuff and certified for that also. For example you can find motor cycle movers, plant movers, toxic and inflammable material movers, retired militarymovers and packers too. You may approach any such organization to handle shifting such stuff like drugs and medicines. In other scenario you can carry these medicines along you in your personal vehicle also.

Other Hazards

Other hazardous items that your local mover is prohibited from moving are antifreeze, fireworks, ammunition, nail polish remover, and matches. Any of these items that are packed with your belongings will need to be discarded of properly before your mover can transport your belongings.

This is not a comprehensive list of the materials that are prohibited, but it should give you a general idea of what items will need to be transported to your new home in another fashion.


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