Transform Your Event with Premium Audiovisual Equipment


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Events, be it social, corporate, wedding, sports etc. have become a regular feature in our daily lives. Every event has some content involving audio visual be it the presentation or speeches to propagate wisdom and knowledge to attendees or entertainment which excites them. It is the audio visual which present the precise experience and ensure success of the event. This makes the audio visual partner one of the most important asset of the event planning team.

Transform Your Event with Premium Audiovisual Equipment

The Audio Visual Setup and Experience

For professional event planners, keeping up with all the technicalities of the audio visual along with other aspects of the event can be a little challenging. So the audio visual partner has to have a clear concept of the framework of the entire event like what to happen, what is needed to reach the audience and how. This is because the audio visual consists of and are supported by a lot of aspects.

1. Sound system

An efficient sound system is undisputedly a key to a successful event, which includes monitors, amplifiers, microphones, loud speakers, even musical instruments as required by the organizer. One of the first and foremost item is the microphone because any event involves guest presenters. Now depending on the number of presenters and how they will present, the equipment of the sound system are arranged, out of which some are preferred wireless if the presenter demonstrates certain issues with physical movement.

Especially in large gala cultural events, the sound should be spot on because these events are hosts to a large number of audiences as well as involves innumerable artists and presenters. Countries like Spain, Montreal etc. who host gala event every other month, have the most distinguished well equipped companies which act like a sound system rental store.

2. Mixers

Also referred as sound boards, the mixer combines and keeps control of the audio signals before transmitting through the speakers as an output. Basic mixers are available at certain venues, but we need to check if all the inputs can be handled for the technical production.

3. Vision switchers

The events such as conferences, award ceremonies, product launches and certain gala festivals which include videos, slide shows or camera images etc. and multiple visuals are needed to be displayed through a single device, vision switchers are the to this presentation. Synonymous to mixers, switcher is a technical equipment which helps us to manage different incoming signals and control or direct them to the required output. For example, the projections screen.

4. Screen and a projector

Be it any family, social or corporate event, the screen and the projector shows the video in a direct link with what is going on in the event. Whether it is a special story projected through a private movie or some professional presentation using Online Teleprompter, the screen allows not only the broadcast of the event live but also its highlights in real-time. The projection output can also be broadcast on a LED wall, which acts like giant screen projecting from both inside and outside. Apart from this, another one is available which acts as a stage backdrop emitting hundreds of colours in reaction to the music and rhythm.

5. Lighting

For the above dynamics, panel lighting, lectern lighting and stage wash are the most important features of lighting. The proper lighting enhances the quality of ambience and set the proper mood for the respective event. Changing the colour patterns in different sessions change the entire dynamics of the event as well as the richness of the video, if filmed. Haze, gobo break up lighting, moving beings, table pin spots are some of the innumerable options which can step up the impact during a room turn, even if it is a gala dinner.

For a successful audio visual experience in an event, the venue has to support good quality Wi-Fi especially if it is a live streaming event to avoid any down time or lags. If you face any lightning issues, you can avail yourself of the moving light repair and services for professional assistance.


With the current technological assistance and variously developed equipment in the audio visual sector, one can transform any event into a delightful, blissful and enriching experience satisfying any one from organisers to attendees.


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