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Many content marketers place a premium on seeing their articles and web pages appear high in search engine results. However, keeping up with the ever-changing algorithm makes it difficult to determine SEO and search query rankings.

But who can blame Google if they tweak their search algorithm all the time? After all, that’s the whole reason they’ve been able to provide better search results for users time and time again.

If you’re in the business of creating and distributing content, this is excellent news. Now is the time to make high-value, targeted content that can withstand any future updates to Google’s search algorithm, as Google has promised to do on a regular basis.

Take a look at some SEO trends before we dive into the best strategy to do that.

SEO Predictions

● Using Your Voice to Search – In 2015, 20% of all mobile search queries were made using voice search, according to Google. As more and more devices and operating systems upgrade to support more advanced virtual assistants and voice search, this pattern is only expected to increase.

● Optimization strategies will also need to be different if you want to cater to users who conduct searches via voice as opposed to typing. For voice searches, it’s important to use more conversational tones, focus on local seo hack, and even focus on mobile optimization.

● Google’s BERT BERT algorithm update will be more significant than RankBrain. The tech giant claims that BERT improves search engines’ understanding of natural language, allowing them to better understand nuances and contexts of words and thus provide better search results to users on a consistent basis.

● Experiential Design – Over the course of the past few years, we’ve seen Google’s algorithms shift to favor high-quality content (excellent news for marketers who had to compete with black hat SEO strategies) and user experience when determining search engine rankings.

Google uses metrics like bounce rate, average session duration, page views, and dwell time to determine if your site is providing a good user experience.

Original, high-caliber material

When it comes to search engine optimization, content is still king.

We must now center our efforts on producing useful and engaging content for users, particularly those who have stumbled upon your site through organic search results.

This is a self-sustaining cycle of goodness. If Google sees that a user had a good experience after clicking on one of your search results, it will continue to raise your ranking and expose you to more people without paying for ads.

Extent of the Content

Longer pieces of content have been steadily showing to be more successful in SEO marketing over the past few years.

Users looking to gain a thorough understanding of a topic may find longer content to be more helpful because it covers more ground than shorter posts.

Still, in the marketing world, it’s important to strike a balance between quantity and quality. Long-form content on its own isn’t enough; it must also be informative and useful, not just lengthy.

Click-through rate (CTR)

As we touched on briefly under the User Experience trend, search engine rankings can be improved by increasing both click-through rate (CTR) and dwell time.

Click-through rate (CTR) shows the proportion of people who saw your content in a search who actually clicked through to the post. As a result, your search engine rankings will likely plummet if a thousand people see your page as a result but choose not to click on it.

On the other hand, measures how long users spend on a result page before clicking back to the search results. Many things affect how long a visitor stays on your site, such as how user-friendly it is. And naturally, Google will reward your page the more time people spend on it.

For these reasons, it’s important to keep your website running smoothly so that visitors don’t get frustrated and leave after just a few minutes. To know more about these kind of Seo hacks visit Paul browning (


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