7 Benefits of Home Tuition for Secondary School Students


Students these days take up home tuition and study the material given in that parallelly with school curriculum which seems to be the best possible way to survive school life. Secondary school home tuition is the most convenient option for students due to the hectic schedule that they have and it’s probably the reason why tutors are also packed with lessons one after another as well. It may be chemistry tutoring, math tutoring or perhaps Year 9 tutoring; the subject and year level is important but it doesn’t matter what type of tutor you need because the benefits will remain the same.

So, here are 7 benefits of home tuition, especially for secondary schools students!

Firstly, home tuition allows students to receive tuition lessons to their convenience. Their home will be a very familiar and comfortable environment for them to study and learn in. Home tuition allows students to have more power in the time and location of their lessons which is something that many will prefer.

7 Benefits of Home Tuition for Secondary School Students

Conducting lessons in the comfort of their homes will also result in much less distractions for the student. In school or in tuition centres, students are in an unfamiliar location and they may unknowingly focus more on their surroundings than their studies. Students can also easily cancel and reschedule lessons since the location is in their own home.
Home tuition also eliminates travel time for the student which will save both time and effort for them. Many students face the problem of feeling too tired for lessons because of travelling but this will not be an issue for home tuition.

Secondly, home tuition allows students to receive personalised attention from their tutors. In school, teachers will have to focus on a few dozen students and it will be impossible for them to focus on each particular student and help them improve. This is also true for tuition classes which are not one to one.

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Even though the number of students may be much smaller than that in a typical school classroom, the amount of attention a student receives is still much less than in one-to-one tuition. This personalised attention can mean a few things. Firstly, tutors will be able to observe everything that the student does more closely and help to discipline them during lessons.

This will be useful for students who tend to get distracted easily. By being able to monitor students more easily, tutors can also identify quickly when the student is struggling and assist them when necessary. Moreover, tutors will be able to provide more accurate, detailed and productive feedback because of this personalised attention.

Thirdly, home tuition provides more freedom for tutors too. Similar to the previous point, school teachers and tutors who do not teach one to one have to teach too many students at once which results in them having less flexibility in their teaching. Each student will prefer a different method to learn and may not learn as well when they are taught using a different method.

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This is a major problem that students face in school. Students can be visual, auditory or kinaesthetic learners and it is important for tutors to alter their teaching style to fit this. By doing so, learning will be made much more fun and effective for students. Just like how each student will have a unique learning style, each student will also have different strengths and weaknesses for the same topic.

Students will only be able to improve if they are able to correct their weaknesses and fortify their strengths and home tutors can help greatly to do this. Home tutors can help to recognise these strengths and weaknesses and change their focus accordingly to help their students.

Fourthly, tutors can help students revise correctly and even learn topics that they have not learnt in their syllabus yet. Learning a new topic or concept is always a difficult task and every student would have faced this difficult before. Even after being taught multiple lessons by their teachers, students may still be confused by the new concepts and this may make it seem like pre-learning concepts are completely unviable.


Home tutors, however, can help students learn these concepts before they are even taught in school which will provide a huge head start for the students. When students try to learn a new topic on their own, they have a high chance of learning it wrongly and having misconceptions. Home tutors can help to identify these and correct them and even prevent them from happening in the first place.

Similarly, tutors can also help students revise after they have learnt it in school. Revision is a necessary tool for students to develop a deep understanding in the topic they are trying to learn and tutors can help students stay on the right track for their revision.

Fifthly, home tutors can help students make an effective and useful study schedule. Many students have terrible time management skills and thus are unable to study and revise properly. Some students take too many breaks and use their gadgets too much resulting in them having too little time to study sufficiently.

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Other students may study for hours straight without breaks and end up overworking and tiring themselves out. For either case, the students will not be learning as efficient as possible which can result in a lot of wasted time and effort. Even if students make a study schedule for themselves, they may plan incorrectly or may just end up not following their schedule.

Tutors, however, will be much more experienced in this and will be able to make a study plan that is neither too stressful nor slack. Home tutors have an added advantage of being able to communicate with the students’ parents directly. Thus, they can easily find out if the student is following the schedule by asking his or her parents.

Sixthly, school teachers are usually very busy with little to almost no free time. Thus, it is usually very difficult for students to arrange consultation sessions or simply just ask their teachers questions since the tight schedule of teachers disallows it. During lessons, there may also not be enough time for students to ask questions since teachers would have to teach all the content that they need to.

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Even if there is time, students may not have understood the topic enough to ask questions during lesson time. Emailing questions or asking through other platforms is possible but teachers may take too long to respond which makes this process very inefficient for students. Having a home tutor provides an easy and available platform for students to ask questions at basically any time.

Simply messaging tutors will be enough for students to clear their doubts and misconceptions. Arranging consultations sessions is also easier as even though tutors are busy, they do not have as much admin work eating into their free time as compared to school teachers.

Lastly, many students may feel that they are not provided with enough practice material in their school. Without enough practice, students will not be able to perform well in assessments and examinations and thus this is a valid concern for students. Since schools would have planned all their practice material over the past decade or so, it will be difficult for students to obtain more just by asking their teachers.


Finding their own practice material online may also be difficult and even if they find some, they may not be very effective or may not relate to their school syllabus. Home tutors, however, always have a huge arsenal of practice materials to help their students study and revise for their assessments and examinations.

Tutors can also find practice material that is specific to help their students improve on the topics that they are weak at. The more practice students get, the better they get at what they do over time!


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