Why Every Small Business Should Adopt an Employee Assistance Program


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It is very important to keep good care of your employees in order to have healthy work environment and positive attitude of employees towards their work. An employee can give best output when he or she is satisfied with the employer behaviour and facilities provided to enhance their living standards. That is why employee assistance programme (EAP) are making a huge buzz in the recent time for even new businesses to boost the productivity of the employees by giving them EAP.

why every small business should adopt an employee assistance program

Meaning of Employee Assistance Programme

The assistance to an employee in terms of financial, legal and health terms by the employer is considered as employee assistance programme. Employees are bestowed with the best medical health facilities, children education, good workplace and other basic amenities that lower down the liabilities of the employee on personal level are considered as employee assistance programme.

Main Aspects of Employee Assistance Programme

1. Priority Resolution of Mental Health Issues

The employee assistance programme take care of all mental health related problems of the employees which are very common in the modern time. As a result of which employee become able to divert the entire attention and focus on work which in turn enhance the productivity as well.

2. Combat Stress with Proper Employee Support

The stress is one of the major issue with corporate offices in the modern time and we can see a lot of stress amongst employees regarding the accomplishment of their tasks. As a result of which it is the duty of the employer to take care of the mental stress level of their employees by EAP to give best team working on breaking the stress of employees so that he can enjoy at work.

3. It is Economic

It is very economical to provide EAP to the employees as company also have to pay very little except for the beginning while providing employee assistance programme. It is very easy for the companies to save $3 to $16 from the EAP which proves out to be beneficial for the businesses.

4. Boost Company Output and Turnover

When an employee will be working out of stress and mental agony it is very easy for him to focus on the work. So it will lead to the high productivity of all the employees who are working presently. A good productivity in the business indicates the success and high turnover of the firm as well. This is how we can say that it is in the favour of company to take EAP plan for their employees.

5. Help Employee to Manage Work-Family Life

When company will take care of lot of responsibilities of the employee on its own shoulder it will lower down the pressure on the employee and he will be able to create a better balance between the family and work life. This is the main reason why people are having this employee assistance programme even for the startup business ventures.

6. Employee Retention

The high level of employee retention can be seen with the help of EAP as no employee want to skip the facilities provided by the employer to share the personal responsibilities of the employee. That is the reason why high employee retention is also possible with the help of EAP.

7. Boost Healthy Environment at Workplace

The last and very crucial aspect that we can connect to the EAP is that it enhance the good culture at the workspace. People or we can say employees share good bond with each other and have a tinge of satisfaction towards their employer. This is something which is very crucial for the success of a business.

Few More Benefits of EAPs for New and Small Business Ventures:

  1. Employee assistance programme helps in employee retention for star ups where it is most important to retain the employees for longer run.
  2. All the employees can easily have an access to the services of EAP from their smartphones which make them super convenient and build trust for employer and positive attitude of employee towards work.
  3. There is availability of the EAP for new up starts and one can choose as per the budget to maintain the reputation of new business with EAP.


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