All You Need to Know About Free Career Counselling and Paid Career Counselling


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We all have been in a situation where we do not know what to do next. Most of us have acted according to our parents’ and relatives’ wishes. We did not make any decisions and were entirely dependent on them. Crucial life decisions for education and career were chosen by someone else on our behalf. People who had let others decide for themselves in the past are not satisfied with what they are doing right now. Best Career Counselling in India states that random suggestions given by friends and closest persons are useless when we get doomed. So it is better to take help from the experts rather than from inexperienced people to have a clear vision of the available careers.

All You Need to Know About Free Career Counselling and Paid Career Counselling

Career counselling is nothing but a systematic process where the mentors sit and conduct career assessments. And based on the results of the tests, they generate career reports. They help you choose the best for yourself by suggesting a few options. They give all the details along with the pros and cons. The virtual session with the career counsellor will be eye-opening and informative. With the counsellors’ guidance and based on our interests, passion, abilities, values and background, we can choose a perfect career. Career counselling is not only limited to school students but also college graduates and working professionals.

How does career counselling help students, graduates and working professionals?

A career counsellor is a professional who helps students and employees know the availability of many career options and occupations.

  • Career guides clarify every doubt of the students and guide them on a suitable path.
  • Career guides analyse the client’s interests, ability and passion before making significant career suggestions.
  • Career guides of Career Counselling in Bangalore explore different courses and filter the options based on the client’s needs.
  • Career guides provide alternate options for every proposal.
  • Career guides do their research well before giving instructions.
  • Career guides provide end-to-end customer services from your first enquiry to your last quest.
  • Career guides travel with you till you reach your passion and provide action plans to motivate you to execute your dream.

Free career counselling

Free career counselling is as same as usual, but with some limitations. Usually, most students, graduates and working professionals opt for free career counselling, as it fits into their budget. With free career counselling, the clients will be able to know only the assessment reports and won’t sit for continuous individual sessions with the mentors.


  1. The psychometric assessments are free; One can use them and get a career report based on them.
  2. It doesn’t take much time for people to attend the psychometric tests. So, free career counselling is a non-time-consuming and shorter process.


  1. Psychometric assessments and a single sitting with a counsellor won’t be practical. The counsellor might not take you and your plights seriously.
  2. In the free sessions, you will be sitting with the counsellor only for a single time, and you won’t have much time to pour out your issues. Counsellors will also be in a hurry to finish the session within the limit so that they won’t do justice to their work.
  3. Most importantly, you can’t decide on your career with a free career counselling session alone.

Paid Career Counselling

Paid career counselling comes with a set of exclusive offers. With the paid version, you need to take the career assessments and then, based on that career report will be generated. After that, you will sit with the counsellors of Career Counselling in Bangalore regularly to discuss your problems and doubts about your career. Counsellors will also hand over the action plan to succeed in your life.


  1. With paid career counselling, you will sit with professional experts and listen to their inspirational stories to help you establish yourself in the field.
  2. Paid career counselling helps you analyse and evaluate different careers and their scope in a detailed manner.
  3. The career guides spend more time with you; Most importantly, they listen to your plights and make suggestions accordingly. They always have a backup plan if something doesn’t turn out as expected.
  4. You will get reports after every session, and you can map your progress to reach your goal.


  1. The fees charged by the counsellors sometimes exceed your budget.
  2. Paid career counselling is time-consuming. You will have to sit for all the sessions, and only then you can conclude what to choose.
  3. Sometimes, you might get influenced by the counsellors by sitting with them for continuous sessions and opt for a career they pick, even though you want to do something else.

What are the differences between Free Career Counselling & Paid Career Counselling?

  1. Free career counselling involves limited sessions and paid career counselling consists of many continuous sessions.
  2. Free career counselling won’t give you deep researched resources, while in paid career counselling, the information will be explored before making any suggestions.
  3. One counsellor might counsel more than one student at a time, so individual attention can’t be expected in free counselling sessions. In paid counselling sessions, students will be given priority and made to sit for individual sessions.
  4. Counsellors of Career Counselling in India will provide counselling only for students and won’t talk to their parents due to time constrain in free career counselling. In paid career counselling, counsellors have a session with students and parents.
  5. Counsellors might not answer all your queries in free career counselling. In paid career counselling, counsellors will pay attention to all your questions and issues and spend time separately to address them.
  6. In free career counselling, the counsellors will stop with just an introductory session about the careers. In the paid sessions, the counsellors will go to the extent of talking about colleges, admissions, abroad plans, etc.

Wrapping up

Career counselling is significant for you to decide on a career by yourself. Students and professionals tend to get influenced by the people around them and choose random options. Career counselling assists them in knowing their interests and passion and encourages them to opt accordingly. No matter if it’s paid or free, career counselling is beneficial. But the bottom line is that paid career counselling is worth all your bucks.


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