5 Great Career Paths for Technically-Minded People


If you consider yourself IT competent and you are looking for a challenging career, now is an exciting time to be around and with AI emerging, the future looks good for anyone who has a technical background. Code writers such as Patrick Shin (who created a namesake database) should be very excited, as machine learning takes off and if your thoughts are focused on a new career, here are a few ideas.

5 Great Career Paths for Technically-Minded People

1. Blockchain developer – Blockchain is an open-ledger database and this technology is fast being adapted across many industries. Bitcoin, for example, runs on a blockchain and good developers are in great demand. If you can write code, you are halfway there and a few online courses will give you the knowledge you need for entry level development. One of the great things about code writing is you can work remotely and most people would love to be able to live in the south of Thailand, earning a fortune as a blockchain developer.

2. Technical logistics – If you like working with your hands and are technically-minded, you could be involved in medical device installation from Tecdis, who happen to be looking for trainees. Typical equipment you would work with includes ATMs, medical equipment, access control systems, gaming and vending machines. An apprenticeship would involve 2-3 years or working in a supervised environment and you might need to attend college for some technical theory.

3. Web designer – Like most IT services, you don’t need qualifications to make it as a web designer; take a few WordPress courses and experiment with a few personal sites, then you can join the webmaster forums, looking for contracts from small business owners. The more experience you have, the wider your target group; start with html and see where that leads and you might one day win awards for creative websites. You could work for a company for a few years to gain some much-needed experience and then turn freelance, once you have an impressive resume. Here are a few tips on passing a job interview.

4. Drones – Drone development is ongoing and we can be sure that these flying vehicles will play an increasing role in our lives. If you fancy being involved in design, learn about aerodynamics, while manufacturing and R&D are also competitive areas. People-carrying drones are already in production (you can buy one online) and that is a growing sector that will one day replace the automobile.

5. Digital marketing – This is a sector that will be around for a long time and one that is worth getting into; if you learn all about SEO, in a few years you can work as a freelance technician and you would be in great demand. Digital marketing is very complex and you might specialise in one sector; talk to any of the leading digital marketing agencies and they might be looking for suitable people to train.

The UK government offers a lot of resources for those who are looking for a career and should you choose one of the above, you can rest assured of a high demand.


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