All You Ought To Know About Virtual Hosting: Who Is Suitable, Characteristics And Advantages


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When it comes to picking hosting, website proprietors are faced with many choices. All hosting providers provide approximately the same services, but choosing exactly the one you need is difficult.

The easiest choice is virtual hosting. This universal key will suit both sites with min consumption of server resources and larger projects with an audience of some thousand unique users per day.

The main features

It is a service in which the provider provides resources for rent: hard disk space, RAM, and communication channels. It is called Shared because several workspaces with sites of various owners are located on the server at the same time.

If you omit technological terms, virtual hosting is a bus where passengers buy seats. The bus is constantly moving, but every passenger has his seat.

All projects hosted on the exact virtual hosting server have common aids. But at the same time, they work unaided by each other thanks to the creation of dedicated “shells”.

Some providers care about customer safety and create secure, isolated spaces, but sometimes they have minimal protection. The problem can apply to the entire server when one site becomes infected with viruses.

Such hosting like for a site is usually chosen when the site does not yet have a large audience, or the owner does not want to understand the web server’s settings. Most sites have a convenient panel that lets you control the site space in a clear interface.

The benefits

You do not need to know the programming language or the basic elements of setting up a web server to use it. Providers supply a convenient control panel where all operations are performed in a visual interface.

Main advantages:

  • Quick site launch. Just upload the files and connect the database to correctly configure the resource.
  • Regular work. The client pays for the site’s smooth process, and the hosting must supply it.
  • Scaling options. If the load on the site increases, you can buy additional resources or switch to a more powerful tariff.
  • Technical support. Specialists will help you add a redirect, update the configuration file, or set up a mail server.
  • Saving backups. Typically, file and database backups are created once a day.
  • Cheap cost. Analogized to other rental opportunities, it is the most reasonable.
  • Bonuses when transferring from another organization. Most providers connect the site to their infrastructure for free, giving bonuses or transferring the balance from the old service.
  • From the tariff plan’s payment to the site’s launch on a new hosting, the minimum amount of time passes. The project owner does not need to dive into technical details and expend funds on paying for the assistance of external specialists.

When to host a website on shared hosting

It attracts site proprietors with low cost and a minimum entry threshold, but in some cases, it is better to select a virtual server on hosting and get full freedom of action.

It is essential to comprehend that not all VPS are of high quality by default. Some assistance providers are dumping and providing weak virtual servers with some help that barely compete with shared.

Thus, making the correct option and not reacting to a low cost is essential. Good hosting with VPS for stable site operation commands at least $10-15, along with a set of additional services.


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