Best Way to Handle Dry Scalp and Dandruff


Keto scalp shampoo is an antifungal treatment and medicine which used to treat the skin infections and fungal and yeast infections. It works by removing and killing that fungus which can even cause issues like itch, ringworm and dry skin. It works by destroying the cell membrane and killing the fungus. This must be used in the dosages as prescribed by the doctor and one must strictly follow them in order to have the best results. This must be used properly and daily in order to get the best effects from them. One must use this as per the need and not more than the need as per the requirements. As extra usage will lead to the side effects only and nothing else.

Such things take 2-4 weeks of time so that they can be properly cured. One can also keep the affected areas clean and this will also enhance the results of the treatment. One must make sure that the affected areas are dry and one must always touch them with clean hands in order to avoid infection. The most common side effects are itching and burning sensation which will cause a lot of irritation. It can even cause the thinning of the hair but if properly used then there will be no issues in such things. One must consult the doctor in case there are any serious allergies and proper and due attention must be paid to them so that timely action can be taken and the conditions can be improved. One must also contact for the emergency help in case if it is required. Also one must avoid the contact of eyes with the medicine directly. And in case something like this happens then one must wash the eyes properly and get proper medical attention.

Best Way to Handle Dry Scalp and Dandruff

The shampoo must be used as per the suggestions of the doctor concerned so that in case any problem occurs one can find the immediate remedy to it. Also one must properly read the label of the package so that proper instructions can be followed and procedure can be implemented. This shampoo works by destroying the cell membrane and killing the bacteria which will ultimately kill the infection. In case there is a long time gap between the dosage or any of the dose has been skipped then one must take proper care and then take it as soon as possible in order to avoid any problems. One must not indulge in double dosing but go back to the schedule as soon as possible. One should leave the shampoo for three to five minutes before rinsing so that it can react in the hair and the skin and this will help the person to get the best of the results. Even one can use the usual shampoo they are using in combination to the ketomac shampoo.

Keto scalp anti dandruff shampoo can be used twice weekly and once a week in case the dandruff is under the control. In case of long hair one can use the usual shampoo first and then the ketomac shampoo to get the best results.


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