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Picture this: It’s 1 AM. You have to get up for work by 5 AM. You’ve been up, tossing and turning, since trying to go to sleep at 10.

Sound familiar?

If you’re one of the lucky group that experiences insomnia or even has occasional trouble getting to sleep, you know the struggle. No matter what bedtime routine you attempt to set up, nothing seems to work.

Maybe what you’ve been looking for all along is a magical chemical called melatonin.

Let’s take a look at what melatonin is, how it works, and where you can get it.

Get Your Dose of Melatonin Online

Why Melatonin?

Why should you try using melatonin?

For starters, melatonin is a hormone released by our brains that tells us to go to sleep. It regulates this sleep-wake cycle based on factors like how dark it is outside and how long you’ve been awake. Seasons can also affect melatonin production, causing an increase in colder months.

If you have trouble sleeping, you probably struggle with an insufficient amount of melatonin.

Melatonin supplements work to, well, supplement your body’s natural melatonin. This makes them a great first step in trying to treat your occasional insomnia.

Why Online?

Why not online?

We buy everything from appliances to medication to furniture online, so it only makes sense to purchase our vitamins and supplements online, too.

Shopping online is popular for many reasons. It allows us to take our time choosing. It also gives us the opportunity to find better deals than we might in a health or department store.

Purchasing melatonin online saves you the time and effort it takes to go to a store and choose out which melatonin supplement you want.

Plus, if you are having trouble sleeping, you probably don’t have much energy. Buying melatonin from the comfort of your couch (or your bed at 1 AM) can give you more freedom without sacrificing what little energy you have.

What Kinds of Melatonin Can I Get Online?

The internet is a huge place. It has all sorts of magical things to explore. Some may argue it has too much information.

With such a large platform comes plenty of options, and melatonin is no exception to this rule. You can find any type and dosage of melatonin your heart could desire on the world wide web.

Go for a more traditional option with a melatonin capsule or tablet. These are taken orally with water before you go to sleep.

Try to make bedtime a little more fun with some melatonin gummies that work the same way but in a fruity gummy form.

There are far more alternative methods to consume melatonin, so do some research and find what works for you.


For the average adult, dosages of 0.5 mg up to 3 mg are recommended. Start with the lowest dose and go up from there only if you find that you’re still unable to fall and stay asleep.

Higher doses can cause an increase in daytime drowsiness and reduced focus, so be careful with how you dose yourself.

When you get your correct dosage, all that’s left to do is take it. Take melatonin 30 minutes to an hour before you would like to be asleep since it works differently on everyone’s body.

Always make sure to take melatonin when you have 8 hours to sleep because it may not wear off by the time you wake up if you wait too long.

Get Melatonin Online Today

If you’ve been interested in trying out melatonin for your occasional insomnia, try ordering some online. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get a restful night’s sleep.


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