Buyer’s Guide: What You Need to Know About Dryers


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Dryers are appliances for people who wash their clothes at home. They’re machines where you put wet clothes in and make them warm and dry. While they’re not necessary items, having one will help you and your family manage your laundry easier every week.

But, like most major appliances in Neillsville, there are many dryers on the market that are all made to suit a specific need in a household. That’s why, if you’re planning on buying one for your home, you should also consider certain factors, such as power options, types, and capacity. This way, you can get the one that’s perfect for you. To help you get started, here are what you need to know.

What You Need to Know About Dryers

Power Options

Similar to refrigerators, dryers are power-hungry appliances. So, in consideration of this, manufacturers have provided power options so consumers can choose what energy source the machine will use.

The power options for dryers can be separated into 2 categories: electric and gas. Keep in mind that, although all dryers use electricity, there are key differences between them.

Gas Dryers

Gas dryers use either propane or natural gas to heat its tumbler when drying clothes. This results in less electricity used compared to an electric dryer. Additionally, clothes typically dry faster because the gas heats the tumbler sooner.

Electric Dryers

This one relies on electricity for the entire process of drying clothes. It’s ideal for homeowners who are looking for a simple and low-maintenance dryer.

It’s important to note that the sale price of electric dryers is generally lower than their gas counterpart. Meanwhile, the running cost for the former is higher because it relies on pure electricity.

Electric Dryer Types

There are 3 types of electric dryers available. If you’re planning on going with this power option, here are what you can choose from:


Vented dryers dry clothes using heated air inside the drum. Once the hot air becomes moist, it’s then vented outside and replaced with dry air.

Key note: Vent dryers are the most common type of clothes dryer. These are typically sold at a lower price compared to other dryers. However, vent dryers tend to be more costly to run.


Like vented dryers, condenser dryers use hot air. This type, on the other hand, reuses the heat instead of releasing it outside the machine. By doing this method, the water vapor won’t be released in your laundry room, controlling the humidity.

Key note: Condenser dryers are ideal for apartments because they don’t require much ventilation and don’t have restrictions on where they should be placed. These dryers are typically sold at a higher price than vented dryers and gas dryers.

Heat Pump

This is a type of condenser dryer. It works on the same principle of recycling hot air rather than releasing it. This is done by drawing out the water vapor and sending the dry air back inside the drum.

Key note: While its sale price is generally higher than vented and condenser dryers, the heat pump variant has higher energy efficiency, which means it will produce lower electricity costs. Also, similar to the condenser type, it doesn’t release water vapor, allowing you to control the humidity in your laundry room.


The capacity refers to how much clothing can fit in the drum. When it comes to this, you need to consider the size of your home and the number of people living in it.

The dryer capacity usually ranges from around 9 to 22 pounds (4 to 10 kg). For your reference, here’s a rough sizing guide you can follow:

  • 1 to 2 people in a household – less than 11 lbs. of dryer capacity
  • 3 to 4 people in a household – 11 to 15 lbs. of dryer capacity
  • 4+ people in a household – more than 15 lbs. of dryer capacity

Buy a Clothes Dryer Today

These are what you need to know when buying a clothes dryer. Keep in mind to consider your home’s size, the number of people living in it, your budget, and the amount you’re willing to spend on electricity. If you’re ready to buy a dryer, you can visit a store that offers major appliances Neillsville today.


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