Different Types of Mattresses and Their Pros and Cons


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A mattress may seem like a basic item in hindsight. Some people might think that all mattresses are the same or at least has little to no difference from one another. But, they’re actually a lot more complex and consist of different components. And, each of those components contributes to their overall quality, comfort, and price.

Different Types of Mattresses and Their Pros and Cons

Every person has a different preference and need. Some may even have a specific mattress requirement for medical reasons. So, before you visit furniture stores in Panama City Beach, FL, it’s important to know which type of mattress is the most ideal for you. Here’s a guide on the different types of mattresses and their pros and cons:

Innerspring Mattress

First invented in 1857, spring mattresses are the oldest and most common type. They’ve come a long way from their original design and have since become a lot more comfortable and stable. These types of mattresses use a steel coil support system and can be arranged in two different ways.

The first is a connected design, where the coils are connected in a single unit, giving the bed more bounce. The second is an individually wrapped design where the coils function independently from one another. This has less bounce than a connected design.

Because of the coils underneath, innerspring mattresses are more on the firm side. This can give you solid back support, making it ideal for you if you experience backaches or if you’re a stomach or back sleeper. If you want a softer mattress, innerspring pillow tops come in a wide range of firmness. This is also the most budget-friendly choice.

But, innerspring mattresses tend to wear out faster than other mattresses, so you may have to replace them more often. Older springs can also become noisy. And unlike other options, these types of mattresses aren’t hypoallergenic and more prone to dust, mold, and allergens. So, they’ll also require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Memory Foam Mattress

Although memory foam is commonly found in mattresses and pillows today, it was originally invented by NASA way back 1970s. Its purpose is to provide better seat cushioning and crash support for aircraft passengers and pilots. Memory foam mattresses rely on combinations of different-density foams to provide support and softness.

Motion doesn’t transfer easily on memory foam, which makes it perfect for restless sleepers or if you sleep next to someone who moves around a lot. It also contours to the body sleeping on top of it, which evenly distributes the support throughout the body. That’s why many people who experience chronic back and neck pain opt for memory foam mattresses and pillows.

This mattress in a box is also ideal for people who prefer to sleep on their sides. Apart from its health benefits, memory foam is hypoallergenic, which is better at repelling dust mites, pollen, and pet dander. This makes it perfect for people who have allergies or asthma.

Since memory foam is so dense, it’s a lot more difficult to set up and move around. Plus, it retains moisture, so it can be difficult to clean and dry it if you spill any liquid on it. Too much moisture may cause it to wear out much faster. Memory foam mattresses also retain heat, so it may not be ideal to place them in a particularly warm room.

Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses were first invented in the 1930s and became popular with consumers in the 1960s. It’s completely made of rubber material with both the support core and comfort system made of different kinds of latex. Because of very high material and production costs, latex mattresses back then were very expensive and are barely affordable for most people. But with the advances of technology, the prices of latex mattresses have become more affordable.

It’s also made from petroleum or plant-based material, which makes it a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. Much like memory foam, latex mattresses also suppress motion and contours to the body on top of it. But it’s firmer and rebounds more quickly. This makes it ideal for you if you don’t like the “sinking” feeling you get from a memory foam mattress.

Even though the prices have already decreased since its initial launch, it’s still relatively more expensive than other options. It’s also quite heavy and can be difficult to move around. Plus, it’s also not an option for those who have a latex allergy.

Make sure to keep these things in mind when you visit furniture stores in Panama City, Beach, FL to buy your mattress. This will ensure that you get the one that fits your needs, lifestyle, and budget.


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