Why Should Education Be Free for All?


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Education is indeed one of the basic needs a person requires along with food, clothes, and shelter. People who get education live a better and happier life than those who remain uneducated throughout their life. Moreover, education guides you how to live a perfect life, making use of opportunities and resources in your surroundings.

Why Should Education Be Free for All

Since education is a basic need for all, shouldn’t it be free? This is one of the most important questions in all kinds of educational entities and forums across the world. A dissertation writing services states that there are many countries where people aren’t able to get even basic education just because of poverty. Moreover, education can precisely remove poverty but how come a person get the desired education when he is poor?

What the World Says about Free Education

According to a survey by Statista, more than 90% people in Russia, Serbia, Spain, Turkey, China, France, and most of the other countries agree with this idea that education should be free for all. Moreover, there are many NGOs that have been constantly working against the expensive college education in most of the countries.

In today’s world, more people believe that education shouldn’t have any border, barrier, or business. It should be completely free for all without any discrimination. Education shouldn’t also be the luxury that only rich could afford it. Rather, a poor kid should also be able to access it in order to learn in a proper environment.

If you take a look around the world, you won’t stop yourself saying that it is the hard work of some great people that education is not anymore the luxury that only rich or royal could afford. Today, there are various free educational programs and campaigns that remain active all the time and make it possible for a needy kid to learn in a better school, college, or university.

Free Education Will Benefit the Whole World.

The advocates of free education say that this concept is not just for a particular group or nation. Rather, it’ll benefit the whole world and will play an active part in removing poverty and discontent in various regions.

According to Student Debt Relief, colleges should be free because rather focusing on the education of people, their focus remains on generating more and more business. As a result, students have to take loans to pay their huge fees and the loan happens to be a harsh truth especially for students.

The focus of students then remains on their increasing credits rather on their educational projects or class assignments. In fact, many students also leave their studies just because not being able to pay the high fees of colleges.

A blog published in Nexus by Columbia University states that there have been consistent opportunities for needy students to get scholarships and complete their degrees without any fees. This has been done through so many campaigns and marches in support of free education. The blog further describes that with more consistent campaigns and discussions, the idea can actually come into existence.

Afterall, you can understand how valuable free education is. By preparing for a future profession, students can learn not only such a basis as how to write an essay or calculate equations but also how to be a reliable specialist in their field.

Free Education for Disability, Conflicts, and Disasters

Disability, conflicts, and disasters are the ultimate reality of this world and these three directly affect education. There should be a right for every disabled person to get free education across the world since it’s impossible for him to earn money and learn in a college or university.

According to the World Bank, education should be completely free for all kinds of disabled people. Moreover, the world has set a particular international day on 3rd of December every year to commemorate about the rights of disables.

For disable kids and the kids who have gone through any conflict or disaster, it’s not just about providing free education. Rather, it’s about special education that they need. Only in China, more than 35% disabled kids leave school at the initial stages just because they are not given the special education they need.

Education should not be Free for Rich or Elites

Despite the topic is about free education for all, it’s important to discuss another point of view that is about rich people. There was an article published in Bloomberg back in 2017 in which the writer states that the concept of free education will help rich people more than poor or needy.

The article further stated that rather making education free all, the rich and the governments should help needy and poor students to get a proper education.

Consequently, whether education is set free for all or expensive for only rich, the poor and needy kids have to be provided every opportunity to make use of education and become better people. Though it looks mere a dream, if all kids across the world are provided quality education, there will be maximum chances to remove poverty and discontent from the world!


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