6 Tips for Staving Off Weight Gain


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While it is not easy to lose weight, you could still achieve it. However, it is far more difficult to stave off the weight, once you do reach your ideal weight. It is difficult because once you do reach your ideal weight, you feel like you could slow down on your diet and exercise. This is a common misconception because if you slack off on your workouts and get sloppy with your diet, you’ll be surprised at how fast you’ll gain back your weight again. So once you do reach your ideal weight, it is very important that you practice day-to-day methods for staving off the pounds. Here are 6 tips for staving off weight gain.

6 Tips for Staving Off Weight Gain

1. Set Up a Home Gym

While it might be useful to go to a gym, there will be times where you don’t want to go all the way to a gym just to exert yourself. However, if you have a gym of your very own you won’t have to travel all the way to the gym just to get a workout in. When it comes to building your very own home gym, it is important that you take your available floor space into consideration. Most home gyms have very limited floor space, so you should just stick to the essential free weights and avoid the overly bulky exercise machines,

Aside from the exercise equipment, you should also utilize great lighting designs such as neon lights to decorate your home gym. By using neon lights to create inspirational messages, you will be able to stay excited to work out no matter what. Companies such as Gindestar manufacture neon lighting options that will allow you to customize your inspirational neon signs. Here, you are guaranteed of quality and longevity hence value for your money.

2. Take Up a Sport

Aside from setting up a home gym, it is also a good idea to take up a sport. By taking up a sport, you will have another way to exercise. Remember that workouts could get boring if you do them every day. By taking up a sport, you will have another way to stay active, and have fun doing it.

3. Involve your Family and Friends

When it comes to staving off the pounds, it is very important that you involve your family and friends in the process. Remember that it is so easy to promise yourself that you’re going to lose weight. However, it is also very easy to give up. By getting your family involved in your weight loss journey, you will have people who will support you through your weight loss journey.

4. Clean Up Your Diet

If you want to keep off the pounds, it is very important that you clean up your diet. Remember that when it comes to weight loss the most important aspect is your diet. You could work out for hours on end, however, if you overeat, and replace the calories you burned, then you will just gain it all back.

Clean Up Your Diet

Before you start on any workout routine, it is very important that you clean up your diet. Luckily, it is not that difficult to do. What’s important is that you do your research on the best types of good to eat. As a rule, it is best that you avoid eating too many complex carbs. These types of carbohydrates have a very high glycemic index, which makes them very easy to break down into natural sugars. So while they give a quick energy spike, they are also quickly transformed into fats as well. As a rule, it is better if you eat carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, and beans. These carbs usually have protein and fiber in them.

When it comes to protein, it is better if you avoid red meat such as beef or pork because they are very high in cholesterol. Instead, you should opt for leaner meats such as fish, chicken, or turkey because they have a lower fat content. Aside from meat, you could also eat various types of nuts because they have a lot of protein.

When it comes to the types of foods you should eat, it is best that you eat vegetables and fruits in larger quantities. Vegetables and fruits are very good sources of vitamins and minerals, and they have fewer calories than carbs or proteins.

5. Be Consistent With Your Workouts

When it comes to maintaining a healthy body weight, it is very important that you are consistent with your workouts. While a large percentage of weight loss is predominantly affected by diet, it is also affected by your level of activity. If you live an inactive lifestyle, you will most likely gain weight in the long run. By working out on a regular basis, you will be able to regulate your body’s level of activity and stave off the pounds.

6. Lay off the Sweets

Aside from eating more vegetables, and avoiding carbs, it is very important that you lay off the sweets. Healthwise, sugars are a lot more unhealthy than carbs, because they are very to break down into energy, and if this energy is not used efficiently, they will be transformed into fat. Aside from contributing to weight gain, too much sugar could also contribute to the development of conditions such as diabetes and heart ailments. This does not mean you can’t eat foods with sugars. You just need to choose foods that have a minimal amount of sugar.


One of the most common mistakes about losing weight is the fact that you could slack off on your diet or workout routines once you reach your ideal weight. This is a misconception because once you do slack off on your health routines, you’re very likely to gain back all the weight you gained. With these tips, you’ll be able to stave off the weight gain permanently.


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