Exmark Zero-Turn Lawnmowers and Their Benefits


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A lot of residents have their own backyard, which makes lawn care one of their biggest home responsibilities. Most of them invest in equipment that will help them take care of their yard. For example, when it comes to cutting grass, a lot of homeowners choose Exmark Zero-Turn Lawnmowers. This lawnmower offers some of the best quality engines in the market. You can check out BestOfMachinery to find out what are the qualities of the best engine in a lawnmower.

Exmark Zero-Turn Lawnmowers and Their Benefits

This model is mostly used by professional landscape contractors because of its efficiency. The machine has “zero-turn” in its name because of its zero-degree turning radius. It doesn’t have a steering wheel and pedal brake, unlike the traditional lawn tractor. Each wheel in the rear part of the machine has an independent motor, which is controlled by two steering handles.


Aside from its difference from a traditional lawn tractor, this Exmark model offers a lot of benefits, as well. That is why there’s no doubt that it has taken the interest of many people. The advantages it offers made consumers choose them among other options that are available in the market. Here are some of them:

Easy to Maneuver

The machine’s efficiency comes from its enhanced maneuverability. The two steering handles can easily control the rear wheels of the lawnmower, so the user can move to whichever direction they like.

This can help the user do a 180- or 360-degree turn easily, which will help the person navigate their way around obstacles like trees or boulders. It can also be operated in small areas or tight spaces since it has the ability to go forward and reverse in no time, unlike any other models.

Reduced Mowing Time

Mowing a lawn is not an easy task, and it requires ample time to finish. But, with this machine, mowing time can be reduced by up to 50%. Its time-saving feature can be attributed to its maneuverability and faster speed.

Users can drive an Exmark Zero-Turn Mower at a faster pace since it’s designed to cut grass quicker. This is because this type cuts grass at a speed of 11.5 miles per hour and has a horsepower of 35hp. This mower is much faster than a traditional lawn tractor, which runs at a speed of 3 to 4 miles per hour.

Enhanced Versatility

Exmark’s Zero-Turn Mowers have gas, diesel, and propane-fueled variants. They also have zero-turns with rear discharge decks. This type offers flexibility for accessory placements as well. The user has the option to have collection systems attachments, such as rear-mounted collection bags.

Other attachments, such as snowplows, fertilizer spreaders, and dethatchers, are made available to these lawnmowers as well. These also feature a quick adjustable Rollover Protection System or ROPS to protect the machine in case of accidental tip-overs.

Better-Looking Lawn

Some people aim for that freshly-cut striped lawn look, which is mostly done by a professional. But, with the help of an Exmark lawnmower, anyone can easily move in alternate directions and achieve these stripes!

Apart from the striped look, it can also help users make cleaner cuts! Thanks to its high-speed blades, this mower can make professional-looking perfect cuts compared to other types. This is why it’s one of the best options, not just for homeowners, but for commercial landscapers as well.

Minimized Strain

Unlike walk-behind mowers, zero-turn types from Exmark allow people to ride them while cutting grass, making the activity less strenuous. They help users cover a large area of the lawn or even its entirety without consuming too much energy. This makes the mower perfect for busy individuals and even older people since it can enhance their productivity and minimize overall strain.

It’s also worth noting that Exmark offers a warranty for five years, which is great for people who experience problems with the machine sometimes. With the number of advantages it can offer, it’s not surprising that this type of mower is one of the best among the other options that are available in the market. More and more people are drawn by its amazing features since it enhances their level of lawn care, and it’s a good investment for them.

Given the zero-turn mowers’ faster run time, their components, such as their pulleys and belts, will have minimal wear and tear, which results in longer machine life. That’s why anyone who wants to experience their benefits and maximize their lawn maintenance budget should definitely invest in Exmark Zero-Turn Lawnmowers.


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