Facts and Myths of Fleet Management System


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Fleet management system is one of the biggest and most trusted one when it comes to delivering the any goods from one place to another. A lot many times people don’t show interest in digitalizing fleet management system as they think it is not very fruitful.

Facts and Myths of Fleet Management System

We will discuss the five trending myths and real facts about Fleet Management System and how it offers amazing benefits to your business:

1. Fleet Management is about Location Updates:

The biggest myth that people believe is that fleet management is just about location updates but the fact is fleet management is way beyond. It lets you know trips taken, sends notifications on the start and end of trip, in-vehicle noise, and other crucial things that you need to be aware about.

2. Fleet Management System is Difficult to Understand:

This is yet another myth that fleet managers often believe in. The fleet management system comes with a robust tracking solution portal. It will be easy to measure and understand facts with one glance at your dashboard. All the relevant statistics are right there on your screen and you may take corrective measures as soon as you see it.

3. These systems are Only for Large Fleets:

Completely untrue, the fleet management systems even work for small fleet company. The small fleet companies face similar issues like missing delivery time, wear and tear of trucks, on road theft, and many other worrisome situations. Having a fleet management device installed in your vehicle can help in achieving more efficiency with lesser resources.

4. Such Systems are Expensive:

You cannot call such a device expensive as it is worth the investment. It ensures your business with a good ROI, as it saves time due to efficient deliveries and avoiding mismanagement. A fleet management system even keeps a check on the driving behaviour which surely keeps them conscious while driving the trucks and handle them with extra care. All of these measures will help in saving a respectable amount for you which is worth making an investment in such a device.

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The device’s outside camera has the rotating lens and can be manually adjusted as per your desired angle. While installing this device, it is advised to adjust the camera angle and check the views of inside and outside of the vehicle.

Since the device is a non-OBD based system it is easy to install and the best part is it gets the power from the 12V car socket so no original wiring of the vehicle is disturbed.

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