What is the Darker Side of Artificial Intelligence?


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The era of internet and technology is moving with a reckless speed and today almost everything is dependent on internet and technology. Be it education, health, IT sector, online shopping or marketing everything is possible with the help of Internet. That is why cheap internet is becoming the need of a common man to the professionals. People look after nbn 100 plans for them as per their requirement to choose the best. These broadband network plans enable the individuals to carry out their day to day tasks which are possible with the help of internet only. AI is also blooming in the shadow of internet and in order to reap the benefits of Artificial intelligence people are again finding best network packages for them. Although AI is playing a significant role in our day to day life from helping children in studies to office work we can also admit its darker sides. Here are few negative points that can be related to the AI.

what is the darker side of artificial intelligence

Meaning of Artificial Intelligence

As the name speaks for itself artificial intelligence is a computer based tool that enable people to perform their tasks with the help of AI. People can do anything with the help of AI like writing their homework, assignments, office work and finding solutions to their problems. Animated videos and visuals can also be created with the help of AI. In a nutshell artificial intelligence helps in doing humans tasks with the help of machine.

How Artificial Intelligence is Important for us?

Artificial intelligence is crucial for us if used in the best way as kids can take help or suggestions from AI to do their homework in nicer way. At the same time it can gives ideas for your office problems that can be tackled with grace by applying your own wit. Today we have chat gpt and other such tools which are proving out to be really significant when it comes to office and school assignments.

Negative Nuisances of Artificial Intelligence for Humans

Although AI is full of positive results and benefits there are certain drawbacks that we can relate to the darker side of AI as listed below?

• Reduce Job Opportunities

With the coming of AI the job of humans is taken over by the AI which brings a shortage of employment opportunities. The team of four employees can efficiently world with two only by using AI. Even nowadays we can see news anchors are also make on the AI model.

• Finish Creativity

Nowadays everything is being done with the help of AI and that is why creativity is getting finished with its coming. People tends to be mechanical and perfect rather than be creative. So AI is posting a negative impact of the creativity of people.

• Lack of Empathy and Emotions

The tasks and job being done with the help of AI are totally out of emotional touch. As a result of which sometimes they turned out to be drastic in many sense. Computers and technology can also perform certain command and cannot use own emotional intellect.

• Bring Laziness

The last and very important thing that cannot be ignored when it comes to the negative side of the AI is that it bring laziness in the people. With the coming of artificial intelligence people are getting more and lazier as AI can perform their tasks easily.


So these are the negative sides of AI that we cannot ignore. No doubt artificial intelligence is significant for humans but it is only when we are using it in a good manner.


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