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When you want to save you money and as well as time while running a business, there are various ways of utilizing the technology for these purposes. The more you can streamline process, and cut down big and large costs, you will be able to save your time and money. Time has great importance in every aspect of life everything in the universe is working according to a particular time and pattern of days, hours, minutes, and seconds. Everything has its own duration cycle and if you want to calculate those durations you can use technology to figure it out. Even by using technology you can find how many hours earth takes to complete one rotation, sun rotation period and other related aspects. Even you can try an online time duration calculator by calculator-online is a tool that simply allows you to find out how many seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years are present between two times or dates and hours between two times.

Technology Time and Money

Importance of Time and Technology:

Time has a great importance in life; time helps us to make habit of organizing daily activities. If we understand the importance of time, then we can gain different experiences and develop skills over time. Time has a great power of healing things whether external wounds and feelings. Technology and time are totally related to needs of the people and also very important factors that can change substances into resources. By installing security technology devices in your home and working place than you can make your family and working place safer. There are many security devices and software’s available in the market to secure your financial data and protect your home and business place when you are away. Also, when it comes to education, time and technology plays a crucial role and even they’re correlated with one another. Nowadays, schools, colleges, and universities use online time duration calculator to determine the time difference between study hours & daily activities of the students.

Online Money Transfer:

Technology can also help to transfer money from different places. Evolution of technology has made banking and money transferring much easier and faster than before. All service providers for transferring money have apps that allow you to transfer money anytime and even anywhere in the world. Western union, remitly, world first are some of the providers that can transfer money to save time.

Spend Some Time on Social Media:

When you use social media platforms for the marketing of your business, than you will save the costs that you pay for advertising purposes. All of your tasks like, email response, blog posting and many others can be done by setting up an automatic schedule system. Technology allows you to stay more organized and you won’t need to login and post your content daily but can instead set up automated posts once a week. Social media platforms are a beneficial way to your customers, and can build the loyalty of the customers.

Technology Benefits Employees to Work from Home:

Working from home is a blessing which benefits you, your family, and your organization. With the advanced technology, to work from is no longer a dream now but it’s a reality. Remote companies are fully functioned without having office space. Employees of remote organization have the facility to work from home. By giving the facility to employees to work from home make it easy to deal with him on call rather than arranging meetings in the work place on emergency basis. Some people are ready to work from home on less salary packages. There are so many organizations that allow employees to work from home to save time and money, and even they track how many hours’ employees are working. Even, for proper payroll hours scheduling, employer use an online time calculator to figure out the working hours of their employees.

Human VS Technology:

Before the revolution of technology, our time perception is only based on human power but with the progress of technology, we are forced to work on speed of technology. When we talk about human power there is a risk of human error but by using tech the risk can be reduced.

How people in the past measure time and durations of moving?

People in the past started reading elements that are around them in order to measure the time. They use the power of observation, deductive reasons, and earth to calculate time. These observations were about to study the stars to know the changing of seasons and presence of the day and night. Measuring of time made possible to plan any type of cultural activity, sacred kind of feasts, and other things that were important to them.

Sundial was the earliest device that is used to measure time. According to them sundial was a form of clock that is sun- powered. Sumerians have this knowledge but unfortunately when the culture died, knowledge was lost along with many aspects of civilization. They are Egyptians who come up with a system that divides the day into parts. With the change of time, technology also increases and it is updating day by day. A large variety of devices was introduced to measure time between dates, like smart-watch, and time counter etc to figure out time within a fraction of seconds. In the olden days, people use different equipments for measuring time such as glass hours and sundials. But in the modern world of technology we can easily calculate time precisely by using online time duration calculator.


Time, technology and money are linked with the human needs. Human needs can be changed at different stages of life; that change can lead to new discoveries and innovations. Technology is changing and improving day by day and constantly progressing through innovations. In the 21 century, technology enables human to make progress that our ancestors could only dream of it. Time and technology play an important role in human life and technology takes place in every field of life such as sports, studies, hospitals and many more.


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