Find a Topical Pain Relief that Actually Works


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Everyone knows pain whether it is short-term or chronic, can shape our lives. The quest for relief can consume us, taking up our precious time and driving us a little crazy after we chase every lead, or even meet with new doctors who ultimately can’t provide additional help. Insurance and all of its red tape can pose its own stumbling block, adding frustration to our pain and discomfort.

Find a Topical Pain Relief that Actually Works

Some medications can pose problems of their own. For some, the only oral treatments pose high risks of addiction such as opioids, and may be difficult to obtain – even if they are the only effective treatment they have found so far. This results in the reasonable actions medical providers are taking in restricting such drugs for pain management, as nearly 50,000 Americans die each year due to the abuse of these medications.

Many people are seeking out new forms of pain management from holistic and dietary approaches to staying on the cutting edge of new supplements and science. Topical treatments, meaning ointments or creams applied directly to the painful areas, were a practice that was more common in the days of our grandparents but was edged out in favor of oral pharmaceuticals. Now that they are seeing a resurgence in popularity, new and modern active ingredients are bringing a breadth of new options for people to try.

Common Components

• Trolamine Salicylate: Trolamine salicylate is an organic compound that contains Salicylate Acid. This is the primary metabolite of aspirin and is a naturally occurring plant hormone that was once harvested from willow bark. It also helps to unclog pores which is a great bonus if you plan on using it a lot. Studies indicate that those who use it prior to intensive exercise were able to work out longer before they began to notice muscle pain or inflammation.

• Capsaicin: Found in peppers and known for giving them their kick, Capsaicin is great for reducing sharp, burning nerve pains. This makes Capsaicin a great choice for those recovering from herpes or shingles outbreaks. Many people are shocked to find what would burn the inside of one’s mouth is effective at reducing pain

• Menthol: Topicals that contain menthol work through an interesting process, as they don’t actually do anything to address the root cause of pain or discomfort. Instead, they effectively “trick” your nerves by alternating signals of both hot and cold. This was a common ingredient in many old-school arthritis balms but provided only limited relief. However, many still swear by it.

• CBD: A component found in the oil of the hemp plant, CBD does not contain THC which is the component of marijuana that gets the user “high”. In fact, CBD has no intoxicating effects yet when ingested has shown that it can promote a sense of calm. When it comes to pain relief, however, it functions on the TRVP1 receptors. This is the part of the neurological system which regulates inflammation and pain sensation.

While we may not all be familiar with these names, they can all be naturally derived and can potentially provide a safe and effective route to recovering daily autonomy. These ingredients are non-addictive and do not cause the heavy impact on our organs that we may face when taking intense pharmaceutical regimens which are sometimes necessary for managing chronic health conditions or recovering from surgery.

Which Is Right For Me?

As demonstrated above, each primary ingredient serves its own useful role in providing topical pain relief. Knowing the source or root trigger for your pain would be instrumental to refining your choice, but other active ingredients such as CBD, Hemp Extract, and Salicylate based topicals work on a general scope. This is helpful for everything from arthritis, to the day to day aches and pains of living life to the max — you know, the pains we all feel when we start to get older. Experiencing first hand is the best way to know with certainty which product will suit your needs.


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