Choosing the Right Running Gear Based on Your Running Style


A lot of people are becoming more and more avid about keeping a healthy and fit lifestyle that they are now taking up running as a hobby or even as a sport. If you are one of them, you must remember though that motivation and discipline alone are not enough for you to become a successful runner. You must also have the right running gear. Foot Locker and Nike have partnered with each other to give you a Foot Locker Nike experience that will forever change the way you purchase a pair of sneakers.

Choosing the Right Running Gear Based on Your Running Style

A lot of people will complain about soreness in their feet even after a short leisurely run. This soreness does not necessarily mean that the person is physically incapable of running. One possible explanation for this is that he or she is wearing the wrong running shoes or insoles, if it’s the latter, you can add a new pair of inserts to your shoes. But if it’s the shoes, this article will give you an overview of the science of picking the right running shoes.

Determine your running style. In choosing a pair of running shoes, you must first determine your running style. There are three running styles based on the pronation of the feet. Pronation is the natural inward roll of your foot as it follows the heel strike. Neutral pronation means that your foot’s inward roll is adequate to absorb the shock of your stride. Overpronation, on the other hand, means that your foot is excessively rolling inward past the normal equilibrium position. When done repeatedly, overpronation may give you stress-related injuries to your feet and legs. Supination results when the foot does not roll inwardly enough. Because of this, the stress coming from each foot-strike is being absorbed by the joints and bones instead of the foot. Repeated supination may also result in a different set of stress-related injuries.

If you can afford to, have a podiatrist in Sydney or a physical therapist, determine your running style for you. However, a simpler way of determining your running or striding style is by checking out the wear pattern on the soles of your old pairs of running shoes. If your old pair has even wear which is centralised to the ball of the foot and some portion of the heel, then you have neutral pronation or stride. When the wear patterns are observed along the inside edge of your shoe, then you have overpronation. If the wear is located along the outer edge, then you have a supination stride.

Technologically advanced shoe retailers have devices and applications that can accurately determine the pronation of a person. As part of the Foot Locker Nike experience, shoppers can go to any Foot Locker branch to determine the running pattern of a person based on measurements taken by different applications. The measurements will then be analysed by software to determine the type of running shoes that will match your running style.

Match running style with shoe type. Now that you have determined your running style or stride, it is now time to choose the correct type of running shoe for you. For people with neutral pronation or stride, the best running shoes for them are the stability shoes which are designed for extra support and cushioning. Stability shoes reduce the amount of stress absorbed because it decelerates the basic pronation. Stability shoes are also recommended for people with mild to moderate overpronation.

For supinators, the best shoes for them are the cushioning shoes which provide higher shock absorption with minimal arch support which you can buy from These shoes are ideal also for neutral stride runners on off-pavement runs. On the other hand, people with moderate to severe overpronation strides should use motion control shoes which will counter their overpronation tendencies. These shoes have stiffer heels and are designed from straighter lasts.

Knowing your running style and the right running shoe for you will be the difference between an enjoyable run and a painful one.


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