Find Out If A King Sized Bed is Right for Your Space


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Are you debating what size bed to get for your sleeping space? The idea of big, cushy king sized beds dances in your head like a pillow dream… but do you have the room to pull it off?

Find Out If A King Sized Bed is Right for Your Space

The Little Room/Big Bed Problem

Probably everyone prefers having a bigger bed to stretch out in if it’s financially and dimensionally possible. Not everyone, however, has a big enough bedroom to have the illustrious King. If you have ever had to cram a mattress into a tiny space that barely fits it, after a break up or unexpected move into a friend’s spare room, or even into the back of a business, you might have found that this wasn’t the worst thing that has ever happened to you.

If you decide to go with a king-sized bed in a room that just barely facilitates the size of one, be aware that you will need some kind of free area to walk to the door to get out. It may sound crazy to some to cram a huge bed into a tiny, little bedroom, but that particular arrangement might teach you something: there is a very cozy element when your bed takes up the entire room. If you are a very dedicated sleeper, and you are far more concerned with your comfort while sleeping instead of making a big impression with a well-designed bedroom to any visitors, then you should go for it.

A closet cave bed is not stylish. For a person who once might have had a shoe closet that was far larger than the room which is now for sleeping, it can be surprising to find that the confining walls of a tiny, all mattress room is incredibly comforting and cozy. It brings out a kind of primal feeling of safety during a time when one might feel very alone, and might very much need that feeling in life. It might even become a time in life that is looked fondly on.

That being said: this cozy set up will likely get old, in time. Also: it is not a good game plan for a two person living arrangement. Sleeping in an actual man-cave (woman-cave?) can be very pleasurable, with zero picking up of clothes or shoes in the bedroom (because there is no room for anything except lounging). A well positioned flat screen TV can particularly crank up the comfort factor. Eventually, most people will want the company of another human in the bedroom again. When that happens, you will likely move back into a big girl/ big boy room. It is a revelation in single living that can be embraced as moving forward in a healthy way.

If You’re Tired of Spooning Out of Necessity

The problems of living in an all mattress bedroom might well force you into a large area that needs to be decorated in such a way as to be presentable to yourself and to your occasional visitors. This sudden abundance of room to put up a proper bed can be like graduating into adulthood for a second time. When you are occasionally cohabitating, the need for some space in the sleeping area is prime real estate. It’s true that a king sized mattress would give you some mattress real estate to work with, but the need for space in the areas around the bed becomes something that you yearn to have again. Being able to have a nicely decorated sleeping area, with ample room for walking around, getting dressed, and everything else that is not sleeping is once again something you’ll likely want, or even need.

Make Yourself Happy With Your Choices

People need a little room to toss and turn, and everyone deserves a spacious sleeping area. If what you need in your life is comfort plus style, do yourself a favor and go with a queen if the king isn’t going to give you what you need. The only person whose opinions and comfort really matters is you.


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