Five Ways to Make a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger


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Maybe you’ve just moved out of your folk’s place, and you’re determined to make it on your own. Or could be that you’re tired of sharing an apartment with your roommate and you want your own space. It could also be that you live in an area where space is a premium. Well, whatever your situation might be, a studio apartment offers a convenient living space that’s just enough for you.

Five Ways to Make a Studio Apartment Feel Bigger

There is the reality that comes with studio apartments, though, and once you move in, you’ll quickly realize that space isn’t the most prominent luxury. A sort of claustrophobic effect could take over, and you end up feeling like you’re living in a shoebox. Sure, it might not be the biggest space in the world, but there are ways you can make that tiny space look and feel a lot bigger. If you are looking for a place must check out the best apartment sites san francisco.

1. Keep Things Chilled with Portable A/C

When those hot summer months come a-blazing, you’ll need something to keep your apartment feeling cool. A conventional central A/C may prove to be too bulky for a small space. After all, you’re trying to fit as much stuff in there without making the place look jam-packed. Well, consider a portable A/C as your ideal partner when it comes to cooling solutions for your nimble living space.

The best portable air conditioners can be installed anywhere in your apartment and offer a quick fix for those hotter-than-usual days. When on the prowl for a decent portable A/C, look for something easy to set up with straightforward controls and an LED display so that you won’t spend countless hours frustrated on how to get it up and running. It’s also vital to get an A/C with a high enough BTU rating to ensure that it has the necessary muscle to keep your apartment fresh. A portable A/C could be the perfect remedy for making your studio apartment feel like a proper living space.

2. Furniture is Your Friend

Bits of furniture can accentuate any living space by adding life and purpose to a room. But the ever-present problem with a studio apartment comes down to limit on how much furniture you can fit in there. Of course, you want your space to feel like it’s just as much of a home as any other regular apartment. Luckily, there is a way to get the best out of your apartment’s space without making it feel suffocated.

For the ideal furniture fitting, think of getting some expandable pieces. And nothing works better than a sleeper sofa. These fantastic pieces of furniture come with simple fold up and down designs that make it easy and quick to transform from sofa to bed and vice versa. Expandable furniture gives the option of having all the furniture you need in a packed space allowing you to create a space that’s conveniently full and functional.

3. Try Decorating with Lighter Shades

If you want to make your apartment looking and feeling bigger, then add a dash of brighter or lighter shades. By strategically painting your walls, you can open up your space effortlessly. There’s a bit of science behind this hack. Lighter tones tend to reflect light while darker hues absorb light, which means that lighter shades help to bounce light all over the room, giving the illusion that your space seems bigger than it is.

Lighter shades don’t necessarily mean white, though. If white isn’t your forte, then opt for other shades that could give you that desired reflective effect. Silver, light gray, green, or turquoise are all suitable shades that are sure to make your apartment pop. For optimum effect, go beyond the walls and incorporate brighter colors into other bits and pieces of your apartment, even your appliances and artwork.

4. Light It Up

The lighting in any room dictates a lot about that room’s ambiance and feel. A key concept when it comes to lighting any room is choosing a source of light that’s bright enough while also providing an even spread all over the place. Avoid a single ceiling light that’s facing down since it’ll only serve to concentrate all the light in the room in one area. Light that’s evenly spread out tends to draw the eye to the rest of the room, making your space look bigger.

That’s why natural light is such a plus when it comes to giving your apartment a bigger feel. A sunlit room tends to feel more open and gets rid of shadows that can make your apartment feel smaller. If you don’t have as many light inlets in your residence, the most natural solution would be to hang a mirror strategically so it can reflect light from your windows. Light is an easy way to give a room a happier, more vibrant, and more significant aura.

5. Get Rid of All the Clutter

Having too many old books or magazines laying around not only creates an eyesore but also serves to make your space feel full. It could be that you’re a bit of a hoarder (no judgment), but that shouldn’t be an excuse to keep your apartment in a tornado esque look. Try gathering everything up and sorting through it all to figure out what’s worth keeping and what’s worth tossing. Chances are you’ll find a lot of odd stuff that you don’t need.

Clutter has a way of taking focus away from the space itself and onto the piles of stuff that are filling up the room. If you must keep all your precious collectibles, then think about storing them properly, so avoid creating a mess within your apartment. Anything not worth seeing shouldn’t be left out in plain sight. That way, you’ll create a neater space that will make your apartment feel that much bigger.

A studio apartment is still a fantastic living space. Sure, it’s no Chateau on the French Riviera, but it’s still a place you can call home. With a few of these handy tips, get your studio to look and indeed feel that extra bit bigger.

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