How to Manage Negative Reviews of Your Salon?


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For any business, it is not easy to accept negative customer feedback. It results in losing customer loyalty and potential consumers. On the other hand, positive reviews will drive increased business.

In this digital world, there are multiple online opportunities via which clients can share their opinions and feedback for salon services. The negative reviews simply put the business image at risk. It is daunting to control consumers’ frustration and prevent them from sharing a negative opinion. However, it is easy to handle how to respond to poor reviews and satisfy the specific customer.

How to Manage Negative Reviews of Your Salon

Besides, incorporating a salon online booking system can be the key. It helps to handle online appointments and lower client no-shows by notifying them via text. It also features a feedback system that helps gather customer views on salon service quality, environment, etc.

In this write-up, we will cover the ways you can deal with your negative salon feedback. In addition, it includes how salon software can help do so.

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Tips to Handle Negative Reviews for Your Beauty Business

Respond to Reviews Promptly

Always ensure responding promptly, no matter whether the review is positive or negative. Such a gesture makes the client feel valued and think you care for their requirements and overall experience. Replying with a “Thank you” message for positive feedback is one thing. To deal with the negative ones, you can offer coupons and incentives in the form of gestures and improve the client experience. Understand what is their concern and why they put poor reviews. Only then respond to them ensuring it will not happen in the future.

As a result, the loss of potential customers will be reduced. Plus, the reputation of your salon business will improve. Besides, if you incorporate a salon software solution, you can enable notifications or alerts for reviews. It will keep you updated and stay active in responding to the clients.

Increase Positive Reviews of Your Salon

It does not matter how great and satisfactory salon services you offer, negative reviews are unavoidable. Eliminating them is almost challenging. The reason is there are always some individuals who will never get satisfied with your offerings.

In such situations, it is essential to overpower all the negative ratings and opinions with the increased positive ones. Ask for post-salon sesh feedback from your clients. Here, having salon software is helpful. It enables sending SMS links for sharing opinions. Furthermore, they can be reminded afterward too if they are in rush and can not rate after availing the services.

Look What the Reviewers Want

Thinking of responding to a bad review is one thing. It is necessary to analyze what type of reviewer you are about to handle.

There are multiple types of reviewers. These include:

  • First-time analyst: These expect and must be addressed gently. It may be their first time reviewing any business.
  • Standard Complainers: These reviewers will always be ready with a multitude of issues. Reacting in anger or questioning them back will make them further react. In simple words, it will be challenging to satisfy them. Hence, try to remain quiet and focus on resolving their main queries. After all, people will only see how you handled their query and will neglect their poor opinion.
  • Malicious Reviewers: It is not a new thing if your beauty business is experiencing fake reviews now and then. You need to stay in pain and avoid panicking. It is simply a malicious attack from any competitor to get your business down.
  • Word misers: These are the reviewers who simply give the ratings without explaining the reason. Try not to answer such ratings. If you do, think of what you will be replying to, and stay gentle. Ask for more information to understand their issue with your salon or offerings.

Keep the Public Response Short and Gentle

Replying to the published negative reviews about your salon is essential but ensure you do not go into detailed explanations. The reason is detailed responses seem boring or annoying to many. Also, it takes a lifetime to read the entire reply.

Hence, it is ideal to provide a prompt response keeping it short and gentle. It will make the customer satisfied that you understood their concern and resolved it at the earliest.

Take Regular Follow-Ups on Issues

If the client is sparing time to share their views and any concerns, you must be active to address the same instantly. Create a detailed process including how you will capture the concerns, who will respond to them, and how the follow-up process will work for better closure.

Most issues are easy to resolve. However, it is essential to reach the customers personally. It will help you understand their concerns better and let them know you are there to help. Thus, providing you an opportunity to convert an unsatisfied client into a repeat consumer.

Consider Your Beauty Business Ratings

In most cases, clients post feedback on the platforms where you might be inactive. Thus, staying ahead of all the channels where discussion occurs about your beauty business is essential. People usually rate and spread word of mouth on Facebook pages, Google, and might be on your Salon software. Also, you must keep a check on third-party sites. The common and popular ones include Bing, Yelp, etc. Remember deleting the reviews from Facebook pages is not possible. Hence, ensure getting as many positive reviews as possible to negate the poor ones.

Also, make sure you take the negative reviews seriously and connect with the client privately to understand the concern and get it resolved at the earliest.

Final Words

No business enjoys listening to or seeing negative reviews. So, if you are experiencing a large amount, you need to recognize why. Look for the reason why they are unsatisfied, take follow-ups, and ensure you provide them with the required assistance. Besides, follow all these tactics to ensure your happy and repeat customer count is more than the unsatisfied ones.

Additionally, investing in salon software is essential. It helps stay ahead of other salon competitors in the market and keep the customers flowing to your salon.


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