7 Ways to Get Fair Skin Within 30 Days


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People dream of how to get fair skin. Fair and beautiful skin is synonymous since individuals with fair skin can put on any colour compared to people with brown or dark skin. Despite this view, a lot of people still go for painful and expensive treatments like Vitamin C or chemical peels. The range of skin whitening products is extensive, making it tricky for buyers to choose the right ones.

7 Ways to Get Fair Skin Within 30 Days


1. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a powerful cleansing food that will help you get fair skin. It speeds up healing by flushing toxins out. It has the same effect on the body. It has lauric acid, which is a healthy saturated fat that can be converted to monosodium in your body. It serves the purposes of killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If your skin is dry, use coconut oil to moisturize it. You can find coconut oil in the market in bottles, or you can make it from home.

2. Baking Soda

If you are experiencing a skin that is uneven, especially somewhat dark in the nasal area, dirt may be clogging in the pores. It is lucky to note that baking soda can help you get fair skin within thirty days. This ingredient has fine particles of pH balancer and sodium that remove dead cells of the skin and then even out the complexion of the skin. Baking soda ingredients can prevent the inflammation of the skin. Regardless of the amount you require, you can use the ratio of 1:2 for baking soda and water.

3. Oatmeal and Honey

This breakfast comes with a tone of health benefits. It gives you energy during the morning hurdle and then brightens the face. Grind powder of oatmeal with the help of the blender or food processor. You will have to add the required amount of honey. This recipe functions like facial scrubs to eliminate old cells of the skin and reduce irritation. Honey, at the same time, works as a moisturizer.

4. Chamomile Tea Bag

Chamomile tea bag offers you more than tea. Putting damp tea bags on your eyes is good for helping you reduce puffiness because of intense crying or lacking sleep after watching drama or a movie. You need to try this technique of your desire to get fair skin on the face, mostly if it had become dull because of dark circles surrounding the eyes area.

This tea bag comes with two components, tannins, and caffeine – both of which are anti-inflammatory astringents for reducing puffy eyes. In the meantime, the anti-inflammatory agents in chamomile work best for the skin. It is tea time for fresh skin!

5. Garlic

Acne scars and acne that take long to heal can be primary causes of dull skin. Therefore, you need antioxidants that will cure and prevent skin patches with no color on the face. One of the best antioxidants for this purpose can come from garlic oil. Apply garlic oil on the area of acne scars, allow it to dry, and then wipe the surface with the face towel. In case you are taking the aroma to be pungent, adds some water to garlic, or soak cloves of peeled garlic in milk for one hour before placing it on the skin.

6. Lime

Vitamin C found in lime is the best antioxidant on the facial skin. All you need to do is to cut two clean limes. Massage it slowly to clean the face, and then allow it thirty minutes to dry. You will then wash the face with warm water and rinse it with cold water for pores to close. Apply the moisturizer to prevent drying. Repeat it once a week to get fair skin.

7. Tomato

You can use one ripe, clean tomato. Cut it in two pieces and massage gently on the face and give it twenty minutes to dry before rinsing with cold water. Enough amount of vitamin C found in tomato will heal acne on the face and help you to get fair skin.


You need to use the ways mentioned above if you want to get fair skin in thirty days. You need to begin with the ideas that are easy for you to find. In case the ways above are not reacting with your skin, make them your remedies of choice to get the results you desire. Like all things of worth, you need to know that fair skin does not come overnight.

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