How Light Therapy Can Help You with Your Mood Swings?


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Mood swings are a common phenomena that can be seen in people from time to time. You can never have a hold on these mood swings, they can occur to anyone at any moment. However, there are some specific times while mood swings can frequently occur, and when that happens you might not want to take any measures for that and just want to remain all by yourself and feel the sadness, or irritation, or anxiety while not getting any care from anyone or anything. But you should know that you can take great care of yourself by taking some measures, wherever you go through mood swings problems.

How Light Therapy Can Help You with Your Mood Swing

Light therapy has recently gained immense popularity due to its manifold benefits and efficiency. Light therapy has been proven to be really helpful for mental health issues, including mood swings, anxiety, seasonal affective disorder, etc. So, whenever you are going through severe mood swings problems, you can use light therapy by Celluma to help yourself. Light therapy can help you to uplift your mood, and provide you with the mental energy you were lacking to get on with your normal life.

Connections between Mood Swings and SAD

Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD is basically a form of depression that can occur during specific seasons of the year, as it follows a seasonal pattern. It generally occurs during the dark winter months and late fall. When someone falls victim to seasonal affective disorder, you might go through many different problems including sadness, tiredness, sleepiness, mood swings, etc.

So, you can see mood swings have connections to specific situations, the seasonal affective disorder being one of them. People can get mood swings other times too, especially women might face mood swings while they are on their periods, or during and after pregnancy, etc. Whatever the reason, whenever you go through mood swings, you can resort to bright light therapy to uplift your mood.

Causes of Mood Swings

We can fall victim to mood swings for many reasons. But it mainly happens due to different chemical imbalances in our bodies. Women can go through these chemical imbalances during pregnancy, they can also go through it just after giving birth to their children. However, apart from those specific situations, hormonal imbalance can occur at any time of life, to both men and women. As we have said earlier, mood swings can be connected to seasonal affect disorder too.

During dark winter days, it is really hard to get sunlight. As we can’t get sunlight properly, our bodies go through chemical imbalances, as the sunlight used to keep the balance in the hormones of our body. When we don’t get enough sunlight, the generation of some chemicals or hormones such as melatonin, transporter protein, etc. can get increased. Transporter protein can hamper the generation of serotonin in our body, as a result, we can fall victim to sadness, and other kinds of mood swings problems. As we know that serotonin is known as the happiness hormone, it can really uplift our mood and keep us energetic to get on with our daily life.

Lack of sunlight can also increase the generation of melatonin in our bodies. Melatonin also hampers the generation of serotonin. Moreover, melatonin itself can create many problems. Extra melatonin can make us feel sleepiness, tiredness, and also sadness during the dark winter days. During sunny days, sunlight can create balance in the generation of melatonin, but it doesn’t happen during the late fall and winter. So, mood swings can be really frequent during that time.

Mood Swings and Light Therapy

Light therapy devices can be used to mimic the sunlight, and help you to get the necessary light you were lacking from. In fact, light therapy can be a really effective way to deal with the mood swings you are going from, as light therapy works to settle the chemical imbalance your body might face. If you expose your body to a lightbox or any other source of bright light, it will work exactly the way sunlight does. Whenever you will go through mood swing problems, you can sit in front of the lightbox for 20-30 minutes, and then it will start to lift your mood. You can also keep using it regularly during the whole season of winter for a more permanent effect.

The bright red light emitted from the lightbox will hit your body, and then infiltrate your skin. It will decrease the generation of melatonin and other related hormones, and then it will help to increase the serotonin level of your body, which in return will make you feel better and more energetic. Melatonin can make you feel like all of your energy has been drained, and you might not feel like doing anything at all. Light therapy can improve the situation a lot, and make you feel more energetic than ever. So, it is safe to say, wherever you go through severe mood swings or other mental health problems, you can always take help from bright light therapy.

Final Words

Light therapy can be a really effective measure for you while you are going through mental health problems. And mood swings are something that we all can face at any point in our daily lives. So, you can always make sure of your sound mental health and get rid of different problems by going through light therapy.


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