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Tutors are a huge part of the education industry, and there are many websites to choose from. These websites can be used for personal and business purposes and help you find a good tutor. Several tutoring options include pay-per-minute, monthly subscriptions, video calls, bookings, one-on-one sessions, etc. Some of the best websites for tutors include, TutorMe, StudyPool, and TutorEye.

The Best Websites For Tutors


TutorEye is an online tutoring service. The site is focused on providing quality tutoring to K-12 and college students. It offers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, English, and more. TutorEye offers a variety of features, including live online lessons, interactive tools, and 24/7 tutoring. The site is designed to meet the needs of both students and parents.

Several tutoring options are available on the site, including pay-per-minute, monthly subscription, and one-on-one sessions. For some students, one-on-one tutorials are the most effective method of learning. However, some students learn better in a group environment.

One of the most unique features of TutorEye is the ability to schedule lessons with different tutors. The site allows you to browse profiles of tutors, see their educational backgrounds, and read client reviews. This allows you to decide which one will best fit your needs. You can also request a free demo lesson in the United States.

Another unique feature of TutorEye is its pay-as-you-go plan, which allows you to pay by the minute. This plan is based on the student’s needs and varies in price. The pay-per-minute plan starts at $0.50 per minute.

TutorEye also offers a robust guarantee, which gives students the ability to get a full refund if they are dissatisfied with their experience. The service also offers a free session for unhappy students.


Tutors can easily find work at Studypool. Students post homework questions, and tutors bid to provide answers. This online site is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Studypool tutors can set their own prices for the answers they provide. The site has several features to help make tutoring easier, including an easy-to-use note bank and a study guide section. The platform also allows students to schedule live tutoring sessions. These sessions are great for students who want a more personalized tutoring experience.

The platform also has a feature that lets students request extra time for their homework assignments. These requests are granted when the tutor has the time. Studypool has also taken steps to address customer service issues. These complaints include tutors not getting paid and account cancellations. The company has also addressed complaints about scams and fraud.

One of the best features of the site is its ability to provide students with unlimited answers for free. Students can also download unlimited study materials. There are even study guides available for a small fee.

Studypool has been reviewed by the Better Business Bureau. The site has received an A+ rating. It is also a legal and ethical site. Studypool provides feedback to tutors to help them improve their performance.


TutorMe is an EdTech company that enlists subject matter experts to tutor kids online. It offers personalized, one-on-one academic support in more than 300 subjects. It provides help in computer science, humanities, engineering, and more. It integrates with over 800 schools in the U.S. and serves over 1.5 million students worldwide.

TutorMe has won two 2021 Edison Awards for Teaching Tools. It also helps schools increase retention rates. TutorMe’s tutors are screened and highly qualified. They are typically certified teachers, graduate students, or upper college students.

TutorMe’s online learning platform is designed to work with the individual learning styles of students. The site aims to boost grades and provides help in math, English, and more. You can connect with a tutor using audio/video, screen sharing, and a text editor. You can also schedule tutoring sessions at any time of day. The platform is flexible and offers on-demand tutoring in over 40 languages.

TutorMe offers a free trial. You can also request a refund if you are unsatisfied with the service. You can also connect with tutors who you have previously tutored. You can also find printable worksheets.

TutorMe is an EdTech company based in Los Angeles. It offers help in 300 subjects across all grade levels. It integrates with over 800 schools in America and serves more than 1.5 million students worldwide.


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