How Many Levels are Enough for a Plant Stand?


It is easy to say that this is a matter of taste and depends on your wishes as well as the decoration of your home, but what should be kept in mind is that the plants have changed in size due to their constant growth, and in the case of house pots this change. The size is longitudinal, so the distance between the levels of the flower stand should be considered so that due to the longitudinal growth of the plant, there is still enough space for them.

How Many Levels are Enough for a Plant Stand

Depending on the structure of the plant stand indoor and the material used in its construction, the strength of the levels varies. It is better to avoid placing large pots on the flower stand. Larger elements in the decoration always attract more attention, and larger plants also prevent smaller pots from being seen.

Place larger pots in different parts of the house as a turning point. If the only suitable place to place plants in your home is a specific space, you can arrange large pots next to the flower stand by maintaining proper symmetry and composition. In some stand models, you can prepare only a beautiful base for a single pot and place it in the corner of the house.

Various materials in construction

A variety of materials are used to make flower stands, like other home appliances. You can find metal, wood and even MDF flower stand models in various stores and workshops. Most metal models are more fancy and are designed in the style of English Home. In the case of wood and MDF models, the difference is obvious. MDF is less expensive than wood and is sold at a cheaper price. For all models, make sure that watering or spraying the plants does not damage or damage them. When buying a flower stand, ask the seller if it is waterproof.


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