Best Android Puzzle Games In 2020


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Puzzle games used to be a manageable genre with a primary thought. The style extended in a significant way on mobile. Truth be told, it’s one of the most popular types on the whole stage. It began with basic viral games like 2048 and advanced into truly agreeable encounters like Monument Valley and Telltale Games titles (until they went under). Nowadays, you can discover some truly great riddle games on Android. Gone are the times of overly basic mechanics and designs with silly thoughts, with extreme and complex applications with imaginative stories and excellent illustrations. These rundown changes are quick as new riddle champions rise. Here are the best riddle games for Android Apps.

Best Android Puzzle Games In 2020

1. I love Hue too

The substance of this riddle game is to revamp the mathematical tiles into the right place. There are more than 900 levels to illuminate. What’s more, as you progress through the game, so will the test of specific levels. What can make this, so testing is the way that as each level beginnings, the hues and tiles are, for the most part, faulty? You’ll have to spot little contrasts between the tones of each flooring. At that point, once you find the distinction, you have to move it to the right spot on the board. You complete levels once each tile is set in the correct place to make up a mosaic of immaculate beautiful congruity. There are various ongoing interaction modes to jump into and a genuinely cool surrounding soundtrack to coordinate the subject of the game. I Love Hue Too is a truly all around planned riddle game that will give you a long time of play. That is a primary motivation behind why we chose as outstanding amongst other android puzzle games for this rundown.

2. Mini Metro

Mini Metro is an honor winning tram test system that is soaked with puzzle components. You’re entrusted with drawing up metro lines that associate the different stations that spring up as your city extends. You have to ensure travelers show up where they have to go in an ideal manner, which regularly requires re-attracting your lines to be more productive. With a splendid moderate tasteful, a responsive soundtrack that is fleshed out by the tram lines you assemble, and a massive amount of various game modes to appreciate, you will go gaga for Mini Metro. It’s likely the best game to play when you’re really on the Metro.

3. The Room 3

I was unable to rundown best riddle games without including the overly excellent puzzler, Room 3. The whole Room arrangement merits a download, however, The Room 3 is particularly fun If you appreciated playing Myst once upon a time. The Room offers complex box-related riddles alongside an air storyline and agitating pieces of information to the truth behind the frenzy. The visuals are exceptional, and the soundtrack is similarly as creepy as everything else, playing The Room 3 is a full encounter

4. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor is an extraordinary material science-based riddle game in its own right. Yet, this side project takes the idea and includes all the wacky components from Portal and Aperture Laboratories. There are 60 test chambers to finish utilizing entryways, alongside drive and aversion gels, all while staying away from dangerous lasers, pits of corrosive, and conscious turrets. It’s an exceptional traverse title that gives a test that will amuse aficionados of Bridge Constructor and Portal the same. It’s a flat out enjoyment to play with massive amounts of Portal references. It even highlights Google Play Games’ accomplishments to help in the replayability!

5. Monument Valley

By far, most express that Monument Valley is one of the most stunning enigma games for Android. It is not equivalent to other pleasing and standard question games. Or maybe, it makes an optical fantasy and bewildering building puzzle where you have to control a princess in a captivated world. It takes a comparable style of craftsmanship and applies it with new characters, new universes, and more enigmas to progress through. In case you savored the experience of Monument Valley, by then, it just looks right to look at the second game in the plan.


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