How to Assess The Quality of Your Watch


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Out of all the accessories that you can add to your arsenal, there is nothing that gives off as much personality and as much distinction as a nice watch. No matter who you ask, more likely than not people consider the watch to be the ultimate ticket to finish off your look. The kind of watch that you wear not only helps to make you look good, it is also a window that lets those who may behold a peek at your personality.

How to Assess The Quality of Your Watch

Not all watches are equal, however, and you need to know how to differentiate good watches from mediocre ones. To the untrained eye, a high-quality watch is visually the same as a low-quality watch. That is why there are so many watch brands today that are being pedaled by private label sellers and with the right use of social media and influencer marketing, they are able to sell them off as if they are luxury watches at very expensive prices.

So how do you know that the watch that you are buying is worth the steel that it is crafted on? Here is a list of things that you should consider when buying your next watch.


So the first thing that you want to absolutely get out of the way when choosing a high-quality watch is that, at minimum, it needs to be made with stainless steel, period. If a watch is made by anything less than that — run for the hills. If you want to consider your watch as an investment then you would want to take it a step further and consider a stainless steel watch instead. If you think about it, the higher price tag will be less important if you consider the savings that you will actually be getting by having a more long-enduring watch. You would also want to look at the watch face. What makes a high-quality watch face is the very subtle craftsmanship that goes into creating the crystal. A great watch face is never just flat.


The most sophisticated way to tell if a watch is a high-quality watch is by the movement. There are three types of movement that watches can have — automatic, mechanical, and quartz. When you look at tutorials online on how to tell a high-quality watch from a low quality watch, the first thing the tutor will point to is the movement. There is absolutely no such thing as a high-quality watch that has automatic movement. Even though there are cases where automatic movement can lead to more accurate time telling, the craftsmanship that it takes to get the watch to move that way obviously leaves a lot to be desired.


Finally, another way to tell if a watch is very high quality is to find out the backstory behind that watch. That doesn’t only mean you do your research about when and how the watch was made, but dig a little deeper and find out what that watch has been through over the years. Who has worn it? Has it ever been publicly worn by a head of state or even a member of the royal family? What makes these types of watches so valuable is that not only are they made with top-grade materials, they have an actual backstory and the people who have worn them over the years form up the sum of its unique identity and personality.

With these tips there is no reason why you should ever buy a low quality watch ever again. Remember that what you are looking for is value, not price. Just because something has a high price doesn’t give it high value. A Seiko 5, for example, is lower in price but high in value. Tell more than just the time with your next watch, let it tell more about you!


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