How to Get More Natural Light in your Home


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You can’t beat natural light. It lifts your mood, makes a space feel bigger, and helps you keep in touch with your circadian rhythm. That’s why you should consider these methods of getting more natural light in your home.

How to Get More Natural Light in your Home

Add more mirrors and shiny objects

Shiny objects are the best at reflecting light back into a room. Mirrors are often made of glass, which is reflective by nature. By having more shiny objects and mirrors in your house, you give natural light an easier path to travel. You can even do this on a smaller scale with tabletops and countertops!

Choose the right color palette and window treatments

If you’re trying to make a room feel lighter and bigger, choose blue or green tones for your walls. These colors are similar to the sky and water – they help trick your brain into thinking there is more natural light in the space. Try using white window treatments as well because it helps reflect even more light back into the room.

Bring in new furniture and accessories

If you have furniture that is upholstered in dark colors or if your furniture doesn’t sit flush against the wall, there will be a lot of darkness and shadows. You may not be able to replace all the furniture right away but consider changing out lamps, throw pillows, picture frames, vases – anything that is dark and heavy can be replaced with something lighter to help reflect natural light.

Install larger windows or doors

If you’re limited on space, don’t forget that larger windows or patio doors can do amazing things for natural light. Expand your living room to the great outdoors with a huge window. If this isn’t possible, adding French doors leading out onto a balcony is also another option. You could even turn your wall into an exterior wall by adding a large window, which will bring the outdoors in. Check out for more information.

Replace wall space with glass blocks or skylights

If you have a room that is naturally darker, bring it to life with glass blocks or a skylight! Glass blocks are great because they allow natural light in but also give the appearance of privacy. Skylights can be installed on roof decks or over stairwells and bathrooms. They often come as dome skylights, which can be installed on ceilings and over tubs.

Wash the windows inside and out

If you know that natural light isn’t your problem, but dirt on the windows is, then consider hiring a professional service to come every year or so to clean all your windows inside and out. This is especially helpful if you have storm windows. Dirty storm windows will not work properly. The same goes for your regular windows, too. Dirt keeps the glass from being clear and letting through natural light.

Artificial lighting

While definitely not as good as natural light, artificial lighting can help, too. Consider powered LED lighting.

It’s extremely energy-efficient and emits very little heat. This saves money on your monthly utility bills, but also provides strong light that reflects off shiny objects. You can even choose wall sconces or table lamps, which are more similar to natural light.


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