Crafting the Online Logo For your Online Store


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Your online store is being set up. You have spent time focused on figuring out how to effectively establish an online business, putting together your items, preparing your marketing and sales strategy, as well as looking into your logistics. Shopping on your online business is going to take on a whole new dimension because of all of these new elements. Right?

Crafting the Online Logo For your Online Store


Your logo is the brand’s face. Your clients will be able to relate to the persona or face you provide. It’s the first impression people get of your brand, when they begin to see it mentioned in online material. Once people learn about your interests, they’ll begin to see you as a reflection of those experiences. By definition, a positive online shopping experience is what you’re shooting for when you launch an online store.

The focus in this post is on the necessity of having a logo, as well as on how to design an online shop logo using Hatchful Shopify.

Your Shopify store brand’s logo is necessary for promoting your brand identity.

When it comes to the time and energy you’ve invested into an online store, you’ve put in days, weeks, or even months. Whatever sector your firm is in, there are thousands of others fighting for the same consumer’s attention.

If you could just think of 10 companies without a logo or any branding in place, all selling t-shirts, how many would you choose? When you see Instagram posts from them, how do you tell them apart? When you find yourself right back where you had previously loved items, how do you recognise which one you liked previously?

If you had a logo, this is where it would have been useful. Getting a customer and a customer so your brand may be easily recognised are both part of the business of gaining customers.

Your logo should showcase the nature and spirit of your business

Every brand has a narrative, and your logo is that storey for you. You may create a heart-warming page about us with a unique tale that catches people’s attention. The logo is what completes the design. In terms of how you compress the tale, there is no “one” aspect that embodies your company’s culture and beliefs.

Consider Nike. One side of a jogging track is represented by the swoosh. To get a complete running track, remove the “swoosh” off the emblem and flip it. Phil Knight, the co-founder, wanted a logo that represented motion and speed, yet one that was basic.

Your logo may be a distinctive part of your brand identity

Continuing on the last example, the Shopify website designers might say that. Nike’s emblem is immediately recognisable, no matter where you see it. It’s not the same company that you’re reminded of when you see another business using the same logo design – it’s Nike.

Your logo does wonders like that. Once familiarity is built and a link is formed in the customer’s brains, the brand no longer has to be spelled out in order for the consumer to recognise it.

First impressions are everything: your logo is the first thing your customers see

Your logo is the first thing that catches the eye of the customer regardless of the channel they discover your business on. Alternatively, you may have a comprehensive advertising focused on discussing your items, which highlight their unique differences and promotional offers. Its logo is the first thing people notice when they look at your commercial, and that determines whether or not they want to take an interest in your company.

Your logo demonstrates professionalism and competence

Imagine you see two competing brands. It’s a logo that features a picture of a flower. It was found on a stock image website. The other business has created their own logo using the image of a flower. Do you believe you’ll be able to trust the business that you’re looking at? Obviously, they were aware of their brand image since it appears like they went out of their way to implement it.

You don’t only need to appear trustworthy and competent, you need to genuinely be both. People’s emotions are also impacted by the design of your logo. One way or another, how your business is represented by your logo will influence who your consumers are and whether or not they stick around.

You increase your customers’ loyalty by having a strong logo

You don’t only use your logo, it is your identity, too. It is a recognised business signature. A trademark that says you assume total control over the customer’s experience when they connect with your business. The other responsibility you have is to retain their personal and financial information, internet transactions, and more.

When you demonstrate that you are responsible for all the different experiences you deliver, you increase the likelihood a consumer will place their faith in your brand. Loyalty is boosted in the long term due to this.

A step-by-step guide on designing an online shop logo

An online logo maker is called “Hatchful” by Shopify. By explaining things step-by-step, it assists you in visualising your brand and making your preferences clear. This is based on your inputs, and it then provides hundreds of customizable templates for you to choose from.

Once you’ve decided on a visual design for your business, you can just choose the design that’s most in line with your preferences, tweak it using your brand’s colours and fonts, and then download all the necessary files.


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