The Most Exciting Breakthroughs in Healthcare Tech


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Healthcare technology is one of the most exciting industries in the world. Not only is it an area with a huge amount of funding, but it’s also something that affects everyone. Here are the most exciting breakthroughs in healthcare tech.

The Most Exciting Breakthroughs in Healthcare Tech

Regrowing damaged body parts

Limbs, organs, and tissue that have been damaged or lost can sometimes be regrown. The use of stem cells to regenerate body parts is growing in popularity as the technology becomes more widely understood. As a result of this breakthrough, a number of people with disabilities, including soldiers who have lost limbs due to conflict, have found they are able to grow new body parts.

A pill that lets you know you have taken it

PillTimers are small pills that you take to remind yourself when you have taken your medication. When they come into contact with stomach acid, they pop open and release an LED light that tells you it’s time to take your medication. They are now being used in trials by hospitals in the US as people often forget whether or not they have already taken their medication.

Medical screening devices

New devices are able to assist doctors with medical screening. These devices can screen for health conditions without the need for human intervention. One of these devices is the Depisteo.

AI that can detect skin cancer better than a doctor

Artificial intelligence has been used to develop software that can diagnose skin cancer with a high level of accuracy. The software analyzes skin lesions in photographs and is able to determine if they are malignant or benign with a high degree of accuracy. The technology has the potential to save thousands of lives.

Your phone will know if you’re depressed

Technology is being developed which can read ticks on your phone to detect if you’re depressed. The technology can use the data it collects to advise you on steps that could improve your mental health.

Helping the body’s immune system fight cancer

A new type of cancer treatment has been developed which helps a patient’s own immune system fight cancer. The treatment involves removing immune cells from a person’s blood and modifying them to make them more effective at attacking tumors. These modified cells are then injected back into the patient. In trials, around half of patients experienced complete remission with no further treatment needed.

Medicine that’s tailored to fit you

As well as being able to grow body parts, scientists have also been able to create a pill that is tailored to each patient. The drug is a combination of two existing medicines and works by targeting the specific proteins that cause an individual’s illness. Not only does it have fewer side effects, but it has been shown to be far more effective than any existing medications. This treatment is currently being tested on cancer patients before further research takes place to see if the drug can be used for other illnesses.

Fixing defective genes

Scientists have developed a new gene-editing technology that has the potential to cure genetic diseases. The technology, known as CRISPR-Cas9, allows scientists to edit defective genes easily and cheaply.

It is widely used in scientific research, but could have broader applications if its safety can be proved.


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