How to Proceed in the Event of an Accident at Work


Whether you have worked for a company for many years or else have only recently been employed by your present business, suffering an accident at work that simply was not your fault can be one of the most traumatic experiences possible, especially when you are left with injuries for the rest of your life.

How to Proceed in the Event of an Accident at Work

With that in mind, continue reading to learn how to properly proceed in the event of an accident at work.

The Accident Itself

Whenever you experience an accident at work, regardless of who or even what is ultimately culpable, the very first thing you must do is seek medical attention, even if you feel you do not need to. Naturally, if the accident is more serious, your colleagues will ring for an air ambulance company which should take you directly to the nearest hospital or at least a trained first aider on the workforce should give you a thorough examination.

It is important to remember that not all injuries are visible, and adrenaline and the proverbial heat of the moment may be masking injuries you are not instantly aware of.

Report the Accident

After you have recovered sufficiently enough to be able to collect your thoughts, whether that takes just a couple of minutes or in the next few days after the accident, it is absolutely vital to ensure you have reported the incident.

Report what happened not only to your employer, but if your injuries are particularly serious, it is important that either you or your employer also report the accident to the appointed Health and Safety Executive. This protects both the company and yourself should you want to seek further action and perhaps even compensation in the future.

Taking the Case Further

In some cases, you yourself may well have been to blame; perhaps, for example, you injured your back as a result of not lifting boxes in the correct way in which you have been trained.

Conversely, if you feel that the resulting injuries and emotional trauma resulting from your accident are the fault of someone else, one option is to take your case to court.

Reputable and established pain management specialist companies are the best people to contact and will help you organize any witness statements that can be used to your benefit when the case goes to court.

How to Go About Preparing a Case

Along with the crucial witness statements mentioned above, there are also a myriad of other tasks to complete ahead of the court date.

Ensure you take as much video and photographic evidence as possible, specifically around the area of your body where the injuries occurred and the location in the workplace where the accident happened. Keep a diary of any and all activities, daily chores, or professional projects that you have been unable to carry out due to the consequences of the incident, and if you do decide to make a personal injury claim, contact a trusted and respected firm of solicitors.


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