The Most Anticipated Premier League Matches This Season


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The English Premier League has always had a sizable following in the United States of America. The furious pace of matches, historic rivalries, fan culture and huge signings make it the most watched soccer league in the world. The rise of Major League Soccer stateside has increased the profile of soccer in the country, which has in turn made the Premier League all the more popular.

The Most Anticipated Premier League Matches This Season

The EPL draws in about 414,000 viewers for each game when broadcast on NBC Sports – not bad for a foreign sporting competition. If you are planning on visiting the UK, taking in a top flight soccer game is an absolute must. Here are some of the most anticipated matches this season.

The Merseyside Derby

Everton and Liverpool play their home games a stone’s throw from one another across the mighty Mersey River in Northwest England. Everton is one of the founding members of the Football League, having been formed by soup kitchen volunteers in 1878. The team’s derby is always hotly contested. Hearing the Liverpool fans singing ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ in the Kop end before the derby will send a chill down even the most hardened sports fan’s spine.

Brentford Vs Chelsea

Newly promoted Brentford has stunned pundits and fans alike by beating Arsenal and holding Liverpool to a 3-3 draw – despite having last played top flight soccer in 1947 and having a budget that is minuscule compared to the big clubs. There is sure to be fireworks when it meetsits much larger West London neighbors. Title contender Chelsea has an immensely deep squad. Its resigning of Romelu Lukaku has been an ace move, but it could be stung by Brentford – the team nicknamed ‘the bees’. Head over to Box Office Tickets if you want to grab tickets for their clash in the capital.

Manchester City Vs Liverpool

Manchester City and Liverpool have dominated the Premier League in recent years. These two huge clubs are the front-runners for coming in the top place in 2021. It is for this reason that the match between the two is considered so immensely important – a real six-pointer. The first meeting in October was a 2-2 draw, with prolific scorer Mohammed Salah netting an absolutely fantastic solo goal that saw him further cementing himself in the Anfield history books. The team’s next match in April will be another monumental clash. Tickets will sell fast.

Manchester United Vs Liverpool

The age old northeast derby between these two giants – each representing one of England’s industrial powerhouse cities – is always a spectacle. The return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United has peaked international interest in the club. The Portuguese striker is largely considered to be the best forward in the world.

Association Football – often shortened to ‘soccer’ in the USA – was born during the industrial revolution in Manchester. The town has a huge footballing tradition. Get down to Old Trafford for this match if you can – you won’t be disappointed.


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