Cirque of Flame: Where Dance Meets Pyrotechnics in a Mesmerizing Spectacle


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Dance has have its roots to the ancient time and we can see it is a great way of entertainment for centuries. People celebrate their special moments with dance and there are different dance forms and genre worldwide based on the various cultures. We too have folk dances which are popular in a specific geographical area. Cirque du Flame or we can say circus of flame is also one of such popular dance form which is catching limelight in the recent couple of years. The artist management companies in India and across the globe are also focusing on these kinds of dance genre in modern time owing to their rising popularity across the globe.

cirque of flame where dance meets pyrotechnics in a mesmerizing spectacle

Cirque du Flamme a Combo of Old and New Techniques

The circus of flame is not a new dance forms what we can see it is a representation of the conventional dance form used in circus in a new way. You can see the new dancing skills are introduced to the existing dancing forms and skills used by the circus player to create something very thrilling to the audience. This dance form is really cutting a dash amongst the people who were fed up with the orthodox way of dancing in the circus by the artists. This dance form is trending worldwide owing to its appealing and glamorous skills which mesmerize every heart with thrill and surprise.

Appeal of Fire in the Dance

The fire play by the dancers in this dance form is very much appealing to the audience. The aura or the appeal of the fire and dancers doing different activities with fire props without getting them injured is something very commendable. This is the feature that lure the audience to a significant amount and they never lose a chance to admit this kind of dance form or genre in circus or other parties. Even people are organizing such dance activities to enhance the appeal of their parties also.

Exceptional Dancing Skills

One of the major attraction of the dance form circus of flame is that dancers are having exceptional dancing skills which appears very difficult to perform with fire for a common person. That is why we cannot consider this dance form easy for the dancers as they have to work for years to improve these dancing skills and perform with fineness at the stage to entertain the audience.

Safety and Cirque of Flame

Although Cirque du Flamme is a very unique and skillful dance genre but at the same time it is also important to note that dancers have to give priority to their safety as well. A single negligence can cost them their life and that is why those who are highly skilled should perform in this genre without putting their life in the danger. Audience should also be attentive to keep them away from any kind of accident that may occur in such places by keeping the joy of dance intact.


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