Internet Based Business Services for the 21st Century


We are living in a digital world and today’s business owners have an array of online services at their disposal, which allows them to compete in a global marketplace and with 5G connectivity, the future looks rosy.

Internet Based Business Services for the 21st Century

Here are just some of the business services that you can source online.

✔ On demand translation – With more than 500 pairs of languages, you can enjoy Italian translations from Global Citizens, a leading provider of business translation services in all formats. Simply register with the provider and you can book real-time translation from a qualified translator, who is patched into your video meeting. You can cut out the middleman and talk directly to the manufacturer in China or another southeast Asian country and with professional industry specific translators in your corner, you can make the right connections.

✔ Search engine optimisation – Good SEO can drive a high volume of visitors to your website and for all businesses, organic search engine traffic is one goal. SEO needs to be ongoing if you are to retain that high ranking and with a Google search, you can hook up with a digital marketing agency and you never have to meet them, as everything is done via Zoom calls.

✔ Global logistics – The global logistics network is designed for rapid delivery and an established Brisbane 3PL provider can handle all your order fulfilment if you sell products online; from express courier to container transport, the third-party logistics company have you covered. Here is some information about the major cyber-security threats that small businesses face.

✔ Bookkeeping & accounting – You can easily source remote accountants to manage your books and handle tax returns; outsourcing keeps your outgoings down and you don’t have the liability that comes with directly employing staff. Outsourcing to 3rd party providers allows you to compete with larger companies and all work can be carried out online, with the provider given access to your cloud.

✔ Legal counsel – When entering into a big contract, it is important to have a legal expert in your corner and a short Zoom call is often all it takes for you and the lawyer to be on the same page. In the event one of your employees injures themself at work, you would need the services of an experienced business lawyer.

✔ Managed IT services – Every business should be on the cloud and with a locally based IT support company, you can reap the rewards of a range of managed IT services that take your business to the next level. VoIP communication brings you real-time video, which means you can stop giving all your money to the mobile network corporations, who charge by the minute when you call abroad.

We are moving into a new dimension of digital connectivity and every business should be looking to make the best use of online business services. You can transcend borders using the World Wide Web and with 5G on the verge of a rollout, we can all enjoy 10x faster speeds, with every square metre of the planet covered by low-orbit 5G satellites.


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