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Are you looking for the most important topics for the MPPSC exam 2022?

The MPPSC syllabus is really long and vast. It is difficult to cover the entire syllabus when you have limited time to study. This might be because you have started the MPPSC preparation a bit late or you are a working professional who can’t dedicate more time to study.

In this article, we have curated some of the most important topics that are highly likely to appear in this year’s question paper. These questions are based on expert analysis and the question papers of previous years.

Subject-Wise Most Important Topics for MPPSC Exam 2021

Before diving into the critical topics, let’s first discuss the number of questions per subject that appeared in the previous exams and the essential books for MPPSC.

Questions per subject

Well, the number of questions coming from every subject is not fixed. Every year, the numbers keep varying. For example, in 2017, there were 14 questions related to History. Whereas, in 2018, there were only 7.

In 2017, there were nine questions related to the Economy; however it was reduced to just 1 in 2018.

Regardless of this variation, you have to prepare yourself for every subject. The Madhya Pradesh part holds a high weightage in the MPPSC exam. In 2018, this part had 30 questions, which means more than 30% of the questions were related to Madhya Pradesh only. You can’t ignore or take this subject lightly if you want to crack the exam.

Best Books for MPPSC Preparation

Choosing the right books to study for the MPPSC exam is crucial for adequate preparation. While there are numerous books available in the market for each subject, we have listed the best books here for quick yet impactful preparation.

1. Lucent’s for GK

Lucent’s books will help you prepare quickly for general knowledge, general science, and important questions. You can also refer to Lucent’s for science and technology topics.

2. Ghatna Chakra Objective

Ghatna Chakra provides books for all MPPSC subjects. This is a good option to find important objective questions, previous year questions, as well as quick explanations of topics.

The books by Ghatna Chakra that you must prefer are for History, Geography, Polity, and Environment.

3. Punekar

Books by Punekar Publications are great for preparing yourself for Madhya Pradesh topics. Since this subject holds higher importance, Punekar books have quality content for MPPSC.

4. Speedy

For Current Affairs, you should refer to Speedy. Since you have a lot to cover for current affairs, Speedy will speed up your preparation level.

5. Mahasagar

Mahasagar is another good option for Current Affairs, especially the affairs related to Madhya Pradesh.

Most Important Topics for MPPSC Preparation

Now, let’s finally jump to the main thing- MPPSC important topics.

Important History Topics

The history of India is categorized into ancient, medieval, and modern.

History of Ancient India

  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Vedic Civilization
  • Jainism
  • Buddhism
  • Mourya and Gupta Culture
  • Indian Greeks

History of Medieval India

  • Delhi Sultanate
  • Mughal Empire
  • Shivaji
  • Architecture

History of Modern India

  • Arrival of European companies in India
  • Revolution of 1857
  • History from 1885 to 1947
  • Independence movement
  • Mahatma Gandhi

Geography Important Topics

World geography

  • Atmosphere
  • Internal structure of the earth
  • Maps
  • Topography

Geography of India

  • Physical division
  • Rivers of India
  • Census
  • River Valley Projects
  • National sanctuaries
  • Tribes

Environment Important Topics

  • Various international conventions
  • International days
  • Ramsar Convention
  • Tiger census
  • Air pollution and plans to reduce it
  • Chief organizations
  • India State of Forest Report

Economy Important Topics

  • Indian economy
  • Important economic terminology
  • Important economic bodies like RBI, WTO

Polity Important Topics

  • Development of Indian constitution
  • Indian Constituent Assembly
  • Indian constitution preface
  • Citizenship
  • Fundamental rights
  • Fundamental duties
  • Directive Principles
  • Constitutional body
  • Statutory body
  • Main articles
  • President of India
  • Governor
  • Supreme Court
  • High Court

Madhya Pradesh (MP) Important Topics

  • Formation and reorganization of MP
  • Basic introduction of MP
  • Rivers of MP
  • Irrigation and river valley projects in MP
  • Forests and wildlife in MP
  • National parks and sanctuaries of MP
  • Population of MP
  • Panchayati Raj System of MP
  • Madhya Pradesh Fairs
  • Awards and honors
  • Prominent personalities
  • Folk arts of Madhya Pradesh
  • MP tourism
  • Tribes in MP

Miscellaneous Important topics

  • Players and related sports
  • Recent tournaments
  • Prominent players of MP and their sports
  • Science and technology
  • Current Affairs
  • Tourist places in India
  • Ramsar site in India
  • UNESCO site in India
  • Major musical instruments and their players
  • Classical dances and dancers

Some key points that will help you prioritize subjects and topics:

  • Most of the questions in History come from Medieval history and the Modern history of India.
  • In Geography, most of the questions belong to world and Indian geography.
  • Focus more on static general knowledge about Madhya Pradesh.

If you want to check the full syllabus of MPPSC, visit the official MPPSC website

Handing over to you:

Hope this article helped you to find the important topics for the MPPSC exam preparation. These topics are recommended by expert faculties and the best MPPSC coaching in Indore.

The number of questions for each subject varies every year, but you can study these key topics for intense preparation. Since limited time is available now, you have to dedicate at least 10 hours every day to cover and revise these topics.


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