Is Skin Prep Really That Important for Makeup?


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The colder months of Autumn and Winter are approaching, which means that we need to take extra care of our skin in the upcoming months. In fact, it is said that good skincare is essential for smooth makeup application.

But… is it really that important?

In this blog, we will explore this in more detail, particularly discussing the importance of skincare and skin prep for makeup application.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Yes, It Is Important!

While we voiced some doubts earlier, it is actually clear as day that yes, skin prep is absolutely essential when it comes to applying makeup. Preparing the skin for makeup is what ensures that your skin is the perfect canvas for makeup application!

Some people have naturally clear and smooth skin, but this does not excuse them from not washing and prepping their skin beforehand.

Proper skincare offers a number of benefits that you can reap, enhancing your skin’s true beauty and allowing it to glow from the inside out. This means that if you are planning on applying makeup, we recommend that you cleanse your face and complete your skincare routine before you grab that beauty blender or foundation.

How Can Skincare Help with Makeup?

So, you might be wondering, “How can it help?” – well, the answer is quite simple: skincare ingredients are designed to solve skin problems that could be affecting your makeup.

For instance, if you suffer from dry skin which is making your makeup look cakey and flakey, then it is time to upgrade your skincare routine. Dry skin requires more hydration and moisture, which certain skincare products (plus just drinking plenty of water) can help with. Products with hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and ceramides are excellent at boosting hydration in the skin.

In the meantime, those with oily skin would benefit from products with mattifying ingredients to help control sebum production. By utilizing a good skincare routine, you can effectively combat the problems that are making your makeup look unflattering.

Another example is uneven textures and dull skin which can cause patchy makeup application – you can find skincare products that are tailored for these specific skin problems easily!

Be Careful, However

It can be easy to lose yourself in the skincare fad and purchase a collection of skincare products that you have seen on TikTok, Instagram, or other social media platforms. This is not only an expensive way to go about it, but it can also be a useless one – skincare is not a one size fits all concept!

This means that while your favorite influencer might have endorsed a particular product, claiming that it has done wonders for their skin, this might not be the case for you. Make sure that you read product reviews, descriptions, and ingredients carefully!

Your skin type will affect which skincare products are right for you, so it might be a trial and error approach before finding the perfect pre-makeup skincare routine.

Don’t forget to incorporate products like a radiance booster or primer that are formulated exactly for makeup preparation!

One thing remains clear, though: prep your skin before applying makeup!


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