How to Pick the “Right” Attendance Management Software for SMEs


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All great businessmen are of the same belief – the employees are the biggest asset to any organization and the growth of the team depends upon how the employees are happy and able to work. This is why most of the organizations across the globe stress a lot on the Human Resource Development Department.

The HR Department is like the cohesive fluid of the organization – it knows what is best for both; the organization and the people working for it. That is what they need the best attendance management software for managing the work. Time and attendance software are serving as best to keep a check on the working hours of the employees and can help to analyze the performance or dedication of employee towards organization. A good attendance management software can help a lot for paystubs creator to create the same professionally for every employee of the company. For an organization of five to ten people, people management is not a problem. However, as the team grows and the company expands in case of Small to Medium Enterprises, they are the ones who are rapidly undergoing transition.

How to Pick the Right Attendance Management Software for SMEs

Naturally, keeping track of all employee activities like leaves, hours, salaries becomes a tedious job. And so, attendance tracking software helps in giving more clarity to the HR Department regarding managing employees’ work and tracking their punctuality.

Let us know the Attendance Processing System:

Attendance Management software keep track of employees of organizations records the amount of work they have put in a day and how many leaves they have taken. This integrated with a payroll system helps to rollout their salaries or wages at the end of the month based on the amount of work that shows in the tracking system.

The payroll processing system can be a standalone system or part of an integrated resources management system package. The main activity is to consider the number of employees of the organizations, the number of hours they are putting in (which they get from attendance system), their pay rate (if they are charged hourly or fixed salary) and their applicable deductions as per the law.

When payroll software for small businesses is integrated into their holistic human resource software, then there is no requirement for any manual intervention. The payroll management software automatically generates the payment due based on the attendance management system. There is no need to maintain complex excel sheets that need to be revised every month when the payment has to be released.

Attendance and payroll systems are now available in mobile also. The same system that is used in the organization can be accessed through the phone. For senior members of organizations who are always travelling or at the client-side meeting, they can download the mobile apps for attendance tracking and observe what is going on in the company if they want results on the go.

What it does:

Organizations have Attendance software to enhance the efficiency of the organization because this gives them clear visibility on how many staff members are there and how many hours of work is input daily and enables in planning to do recruitment if there are lack of human resources. This clarity enables the management to take the required decisions from time to time when it comes to managing work or people of the organization.

Organizations need to make payments promptly, and they have to adhere to labour laws, pay taxes to the concerned government, do deductions and deposit them in the employees’ accounts. Failure to do so and there are hefty fines and legal complications that might crop up.

Another benefit of having a robust tracking mechanism is it helps in creating attendance policy for the organization. Leaves and deductions are therefore managed based on the HR policy that is implemented. This also enables the management to take tough decisions were required to keep the balance of the company.

Mandatory Checklist:

We need to consider the following points for choosing the best attendance tracking software. Remember, as your company expands, this is going to help you gauge your strength better and the strength of any organization is based on their people.

  • A completely automated attendance tracking system
  • Customizable based on the needs of the organization
  • Auto-calculation of month salary/wages based on the attendance system
  • Automated calculation of reimbursements, advances, bonuses, overtime, etc.
  • Customizable salary structures with multiple salaries and components (like incentives)
  • Data-encryption to ensure data privacy and security
  • A comprehensive database that enables refer to records
  • Auto-generation of payslips for the month
  • Simple User Interface so that it’s easier to access and understand

Attendance tracking software has made life simpler now. Where there were huge files and excel sheets were maintained, now all the information is available at one click and no complicated mathematics is needed to be done at the end of the month. Attendance Tracking Software is a boon for growing Small to Medium Enterprises.


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