5 Steps to Find A Good Realtor in Vancouver


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Are you considering selling or buying a property in Vancouver? While restrictions for open houses may still apply, it could be an excellent time to review the Vancouver real estate market. Of course, you can always do your research, but working with a Realtor Vancouver Professional does take a weight off your mind. With most now working with digital tools, the industry is also changing, handy for today’s restrictions for open houses. Thankfully though, it’s now possible to view properties virtually Realtor-led.

5 Steps to Find A Good Realtor in Vancouver

Finding a Good Realtor Vancouver Professional

Working with people can be both inspiring and frustrating. We’re all different with various ways of interpreting the world, including real estate listings. Finding a top-quality Realtor Vancouver Professional will make the difference to your buying or selling process. Simply make sure you pay attention to the following key themes:

1. Look through Reviews, Referrals and Track Record

Vancouver real estate works on reputation and networking. All Realtor Vancouver professionals must maintain their connections with the market as we as clients. Therefore, you should ask any potential agent for their track record and references, and license details.

These days, most things are online, so there’s a lot of information you can go through. For example, Zillow, Rate My Agent, or TopAgentsRanked give you individual reviews on agents. You should also question your Realtor and explore listings for yourself and see how well you think they perform.

2. Compare Agreement contracts

Another great way to see if you want to work with a Realtor Vancouver professional is to compare agreement templates. You’ll be able to look at commission rates as well as timings and breakout clauses. Before you sign, you should also make sure that your needs are included and your timings. For instance, it’s worth noting the exact bedrooms, bathrooms listed if you want to buy. When it comes to selling, then it’s really about price and timing.

3. Ask for the price to listing ratio

Looking at the difference between listing prices and the actual selling price tells you a lot about an agent’s strategy. The closer the numbers are then the more likely they know their market and pitched the property at the right price.

Of course, you should also quiz your potential Realtor Vancouver professional about market trends and how pricing has changed over the past 6 to 12 months. You’ll then be able to get a sense of their expertise by comparing answers across different agents.

4. Attend Open Houses

Attending open houses is a beneficial way to see your potential agent in action. They’ll be interacting with clients, and you’ll be able to see their natural style and approach. You also need to feel confident that they are open and trustworthy. Only by watching someone in action can you really see how genuine and authentic they are.

Please note that open house restrictions may apply to your region to help reduce the spread of covid 19. You can check your local public health and safety website for updates and, of course, consider options such as virtual tours and live streaming events. In fact, for all live streaming events, contact your local brokerages as well as your Realtor.

5. Communication and Marketing Process

Even if your goals are not entirely set in stone yet, you should still share them with your Realtor Vancouver professional. They’ll then guide you through the various options and how you can best make your decision. This includes working out how to specify exact bedrooms, bathrooms if you’re buying. Alternatively, if you’re selling, you’ll want to have a strong marketing and pricing plan.

Communications are often done online, but Realtor Vancouver professionals also do a lot of face-to-face. People like to talk to people, even if it’s just by phone. You’ll need a blend of approaches for the best marketing strategy. Let’s not forget, though, that you might want to know how digital-savvy your agent is. There are so many tools available to leverage, including virtual tours and live streaming. Note that open house days might be limited but for any updates on events, contact your Realtor. Regardless, there are lots of options to view properties through which your Realtor can guide you.

How a Realtor Vancouver Professional Supports You

  • Expertise and market insight
  • Network and support services
  • Paperwork and legal understanding

A key advantage of working with a Realtor Vancouver professional is the knowledge and insight they bring. One sign of a great agent is how they leverage and maintain their network to know trends and off-listing properties. The more you leverage their knowledge then, the more likely you’ll have a solid strategy for your process.

When it comes to networks, a Realtor Vancouver professional can also introduce you to support teams such as legal or financial aid. Even if you choose not to work with a lawyer, your agent can again guide you through the process. The best part is that they’ll also do the heavy lifting when it comes to the paperwork.

Final Thoughts on Finding a Good Realtor Vancouver Professional

The best way to start finding your Realtor Vancouver professional is to do your research and plan. It’s also essential to interview perhaps 2 or 3 so that you can compare answers. Everyone approaches things slightly differently, but you need to find a style that works for you and your needs. Finally, when it comes to Vancouver real estate, don’t forget to listen to your gut instinct and if you feel that you can trust the agent and develop a strong and collaborative relationship. You’ll then be halfway there, and the rest of the process will follow smoothly.


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